Bungalow with Swimming Pool? Yes, It’s Possible!

There’s a common misconception that a house with a swimming pool has to be in a big lot. It has to be a big 3-storey mansion. Most Filipinos feel that a swimming pool is a luxury reserved for homeowners with a 1000 sqm lot and 25 million pesos to burn for a house and lot. […]

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Our Projects

OUR PROJECTS T Residence A residence for an Australian-Filipino family. CE Residence Rising soon! Another Japandi style house for a professional couple. Japandi house concept is an intersection of Scandinavian and Japanese design VS Private Family Resort To have a private family resort one day. Are you one of those people who dream of one […]

May 2, 2022

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What is Your Interior Design Personality?

Look around every corner of your home. Have you noticed how some pieces and elements are matching your personality? Just like your taste in music and fashion style, your spaces at home can also express and define your personality.  Every home forms a statement about each owner. It’s because people unconsciously design and shape their […]

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7 Reasons Why Going Green should be Part of the New Normal

Why should we go green? The pandemic situation that the entire world is currently experiencing has prompted lockdowns, anxious people, and economic meltdown. People do not control what lies ahead, but COVID-19 could be a possible reflection on the future crises that the world would have. As we enter the New Normal, maybe we should […]

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Taking the COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety Out of Your Home

It has already been two months since community quarantine was implemented. People have to deal with staying at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In those months, many people have lived in stress and anxiety brought by this pandemic situation while at home.  With the sudden transition to a quarantined lifestyle, people lived […]

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