August 15, 2021

What’s the Best Way to Get a Quote for Your Dream Property?

Just like most people, you have this dream property in mind. It can be a dream home. You probably have a bungalow, two-storey, or three-storey in mind as the home of your dreams.

It can be a commercial building. You dream of one day owning a commercial property that will help you earn money for your family, so you can also give them their dream home.

You now have pictures of said properties in mind. It’s very clear. You can almost touch it.

Then comes the biggest consideration – the cost.

Now you’re left to wonder – how much would it cost?

This is a valid question. Knowing the cost will help you know if you can afford it. If you can, then you can get it started. If you can’t (yet), then you can be inspired to work harder so you can.

Either way, knowing the cost is one step closer to your dream property.

Here’s the Problem

The Internet is a wealth of information on virtually anything. By entering the right keywords, you can get a quote for a house or commercial building.

So you see a price that you can afford and you put everything into motion. That’s when you realize that the quote has been greatly exaggerated and the real price is nowhere near the quote.

You end up disappointed. It’s like someone snatched your dream from you.

It was right there.

You see, there’s a reason why it’s YOUR dream property. You know the specifics. These quotes didn’t take these specifics into consideration.

Don’t be surprised if the final number is a few million pesos higher than the quote that you saw online. This is because most quotes fail to take these things into consideration:

  • The season (construction tends to be more expensive during peak season)
  • Project’s location
  • Labor
  • Cost of materials (the material cost is very volatile)
  • Expertise of the professionals needed (architects, engineers, etc.)
  • Licenses and permits

These are just some considerations but you can already see how different the true cost can be.

What can You Do?

Quotes are a good start. They can satisfy your curiosity. However, it’s just a start. Take quotes with a grain of salt.

The best way for you to get a quote is to discuss your dream property with a trusted architect. This way, a quote can be provided with your specific needs and wants taken into consideration.

You’ll also get the particulars with the quote. You’ll actually know what you’ll be paying for. You can better appreciate a quote given after a meeting with a licensed architect.

Let’s satisfy your curiosity. Contact us today so you can share with us your dream property and allow us to put together a more specific and accurate quote.

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