January 26, 2018

Bungalow House Design: Achieving a Cozy and Modern Home for your Family

In the past, there’s a common trend wherein you don’t really go for a bungalow house design if you want the best home for your family. If you want the best home for your family, you should go for a 2-storey or even a 3-storey home design. Bungalow houses were reserved for families that have a limited budget or for small families.

Modern Bungalow House Designs in the Philippines

Nowadays, more and more families are choosing to go for a bungalow house. Yes, even families that have the budget for a multi-level home are doing it simply because of its practicality and benefits. With the help of a good bungalow house design Philippines contractor and/or architect, you can choose from modern bungalow house designs in the Philippines that can help you achieve these benefits:

  • Everything and everyone is accessible.

Just to give you an example, Filipinos usually eat together. This requires calling everyone to the dinner table, which means you need to go up the stairs to call a family member living in the 2nd level of the home. Usually, this leads to the mom just shouting to the top of her lungs that dinner is ready.

Also, what if you wake up in the middle of the night in your room at the 2nd level and you’re thirsty? You have to go down the stairs in the dark, which is a challenging task considering that you’re half asleep.

With a bungalow, everything and everyone is on the ground level. This is very helpful if you’re living with an elderly. With our culture of taking care of our parents as they grow older, this is a very helpful thing.

  • It’s more private.

bungalow house design

It’s easier to keep a low house more private. A short fence will do. You can also surround your home with nice trees and landscaping for additional privacy.

  • Your home can grow with you.

A good architect specializing on modern bungalow house designs in the Philippines will consider your family’s growing needs for the design. As your family grows, your home can grow with you. You can expand sideways. If you choose to, you can also add another level.

  • It’s easier to maintain.

You’d find that your general cleaning schedule is generally shorter with a bungalow house. There will also be fewer maintenance problems to worry about.

  • It’s more affordable.

Generally speaking, a bungalow house design is more affordable than a multi-level home. A multi-level home requires a stronger foundation, and that requires money. This is why if you’re on a budget, you should contact a bungalow house design Philippines company.

  • It’s kid-friendly.

The absence of stairs is a major factor. Also, you can keep an eye on your kids better.

Some Helpful Tips for an Amazing Design

Your family will love your new home if you follow these helpful tips:

  • Get an open design.

modern bungalow house designs in the philippines

This will invite more natural light into your home. This also makes your home appear bigger than it really is. This also improves accessibility. Having an open design will also improve ventilation, which is important for a home in the Philippines.

  • Have provisions for expansion.

While you’d love a good bungalow house design, it wouldn’t hurt to plan for the future.

  • Invest on interior design.

You can consider these hot home design trends this 2018. With an open design, you’ll love these trends even more.

  • Invest on landscaping and hardscaping.

bungalow house design philippines

This will improve your home’s living space. You can add tables and chairs outdoors for quality time outdoors. Landscaping and hardscaping will also improve your home’s overall appeal.

Hire an Experienced Bungalow House Design Philippines Company!

G Cube Design and Build specializes on modern bungalow house designs in the Philippines. With our help, you can have a modern and cozy bungalow house that you will love! Contact us today for a quote!

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Marielle Agustine Lecaroz
January 29, 2018 at 8:04 pm

What is the minmum lot area size for a 3 bedroom, 2 T/B, 4 family member bungalow house with 2 car garage?

G Cube Design + Build Inc.
February 1, 2018 at 12:40 pm

Hi! Please send us a message with your inquiry via


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