February 26, 2022

Home with a Garden? Here are Gardening Ideas that will Convince You to Incorporate a Garden to your Home Design

Were you a part of the many plantitas that sprouted when the pandemic began? Or maybe you’re looking into developing your green thumb and want to incorporate more nature into your surroundings (and add more greens into your diet)? Whatever the reason is, here are four reasons why you should add a garden to your home!

Growing your own food can improve your diet.

Growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs can help you eat fresher and control when you want to harvest your food. Home-grown produce is often more nutrient-rich than those found in stores because of when they are harvested; the latter is harvested early to preserve its looks and to appear more appealing to the consumer. 

Going green (literally and figuratively) creates a domino effect towards positive change.

These days have been stressful for everyone so we’re sure that you’re looking for an outlet to relieve all those negative feelings. Going green and adding a garden to your home go hand-in-hand in improving your overall health. Not only does it positively affect the environment, but a garden can also help boost your mood, calm yourself from stress, and protect your memory, not to mention a great way to get a workout in.

Bond with the family.

Gardening provides a different way to spend quality time with the family and you can see direct results of what your teamwork has created. Teaching your kids how to garden gives them a sense of responsibility and a new skill to develop. Another great bonding activity is cooking together using the vegetables you grew.

Your garden doesn’t have to be all vegetables!

There are multiple types of gardens that exist and you can mix and match the ones that fit your aesthetic and your purposes. Here’s a quick list:

  • Butterfly gardens: for attracting butterflies and other insects
  • Container/pot gardens: for those who have limited garden space
  • Edible garden: for fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Compost: for throwing away food scraps/waste to be used as fertilizer (note: these have a strong smell)
  • Water garden: for ponds and aquascaping

Talk to your architect and a landscaper to get the best advice and recommendations for your home garden.  

How about an indoor garden?

Tip: Use flowers from your garden to decorate your home. You can even add a pot to your office so that you have a companion during WFH.

A beautiful garden can make a big difference in your home’s exterior. Here are a few questions to consider when investing in one:

  • How big a space are you willing to dedicate?
  • Will you be able to keep up with managing it? Or will you hire a professional gardener instead?
  • How will it drain water? Where? Will your garden and your house be rain-ready?
  • What’s your soil type and where can you get it tested?
  • Where can you get seeds?

Hopefully, these questions help you get started on your dream house with a garden journey!

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