May 31, 2020

Managing the Social Distancing Norm with Your Neighbors

“Social Distancing” has now become part of the New Normal. We are being reminded daily to practice social distancing two meters to six feet away from the others wherever they may be, especially that enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) is being lifted in some areas.

The best thing to do right now is to stay at home. Take this chance to bond with the family.

But as much as we have the choice to stay at home, many still have the struggle on how to best respond in socializing with their neighbors when it can’t be helped and adjusting their daily behavior. While taking a walk to breathe fresh air outside, many could still be doubting whether they should be greeting someone they are about to pass by or act as if they never saw the person.

If you can relate to this, below are some tips to help you cope in the same kind of situation and still keep the socializing norm within your neighborhood while distancing.

It is fine to be friendly!

You are not the only one who is worried. Your neighbors are also going through the same concern every day. Smile or wave from afar to ease the anxiety you and your neighbors are feeling every time you walk outside. You can still maintain your bond with them even you are six feet away. Distance should never erase the compassion we have for the others.

Skip the parties.

As Filipinos, we sure know how to party. It seems that we always find a reason to party so we can invite friends over.

No more parties/mass gatherings for now.

Unfortunately, now’s not the time to party. Be responsible and just don’t do it. You’ll never know if a guest is an asymptomatic carrier until it’s too late.

It’s also very hard to maintain social distancing at a party.

Be mindful of your surroundings.

Avoid getting distracted while walking outside. We cannot use cellphones as much as how we used to carry it in the old usual. Try to keep it rested in your pocket or bag—this will help you stay vigilant and practice proper social distancing.

If you have neighbors who are frontliners, cheer them up!

These people are experiencing a lot of anxiety right now. As much as possible, despite the pandemic situation, we want to make the neighborhood have an encouraging vibe inclusive for everyone! A reassuring word or smile from you will mean a lot to them.

If ever someone drops something in the street, call them.

We may not be thinking of always bringing gloves with us to double protect us from the virus. We are also advised to avoid touching things. So, if you wanted to hand the dropped hat of your neighbor who has just passed you, it is wiser to call them out so they can retrieve it by themselves.

Don’t loiter.

bungalow house design

Is it part of your daily routine to loiter in the street so you can mingle with your neighbors? Don’t do it. Nowadays, you should only leave your home for something important like work or buying necessities.

Besides, mingling via Zoom is more fun than you think!

Let us all be reminded that social distancing does not mean cutting off our communication with other people, especially within our neighborhood. Remember that we all share goals to keep our families, friends, and neighbors safe. Practice social distancing with a smile!

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