January 30, 2022

This Tiny House in the Woods in Alitagtag will Turn Your Dream Home into Dream Homes

We all have a dream home. We have very specific needs and wants. We can see what it looks like in our heart and in our mind. We can help you turn that dream home into a reality, with maybe a few improvements based on our expertise.

For a lot of people, a tiny house is not really their dream home. This is especially true among Filipino families that take pride in numbers.

Well, this tiny house in the woods in Alitagtag may just change the way you look at tiny homes.

mini house

Why Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are rising in popularity in other nations because of their practicality. It can be more affordable with less square footage to work with. It can be more affordable when it comes to maintenance. When designed by a competent architect, it can be very beautiful.

The Challenge of Tiny Homes

Well, it’s a tiny home, so it can feel that there’s something lacking. Well as you can see, you can have everything that you need to live a comfortable life even if it’s just a tiny home.

This home was designed as a future Airbnb destination so we designed it to be more of a vacation home than a permanent home. But you can still see that it has the basics.

We were able to incorporate the following in a 49 sqm space:

  • Kitchen
  • Living area
  • Dining area
  • Toilet and bath
  • Laundry/storage (with more nifty storage spaces like in the staircase and a cabinet that also serves as a railing)
  • Loft bedroom

This tiny home is set in a 7,300 sqm. lot. We added an outhouse upon the owners’ request.

All in all, this looks like something that can be a weekend home for your family when you just want to get away from the stress.

Interested to Know More?

Yes, you still have your dream home in mind. If you’re interested, we can turn it into a tiny home version of your dream home.

If you really have a dream home, why not add a tiny house and turn your dream home into dream homes? A tiny house can be your retreat. It can also be a source of income. Either way, we can help turn it into a reality!



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