March 27, 2022

House Design Ideas to Make Your Summer Cooler

Let’s not beat around the bush: it’s hot in the Philippines. As an archipelago located on the equator, we experience warmer temperatures and high humidity year-round. Fortunately, there are architectural design “hacks” that can be used to make your home look and feel cool. 

If you’re concerned with beating the heat and being as economical as possible in your house design, continue reading!

TIP 1: Use the breeze! Ask your architect to add a terrace, balcony, patio, or breezeway to the design.

Terraces, balconies, and patios provide a transitional space between your house and the outdoors and are a popular gathering spot to enjoy the breeze throughout the day.

A breezeway is an outdoor hallway that connects two buildings and allows air to pass through. You can also use the space from your gate to the main house as a breezeway area. These can be completely open, semi-open, or closed. 

We know how stuffy WFH can be, so why not enjoy a change of scenery and get some fresh air by turning these outdoor areas into an alternative office? The best part is that you can incorporate all of these options into your future home!

Worried about not having enough space? A good architect knows how to make the most out of the space they have 

TIP 3: Strategically place your windows and consider the coating.

Windows aren’t just used to catch sunlight: they can also be used to create a breeze! By placing them in the right areas, you can create a cross-ventilation that invites the air to flow through your house. Think of it like a wind tunnel. 

Alternatively, you can place smaller windows near the ceiling of your house. Hot air is lighter than cool air, so it will naturally climb to the top towards the ceiling. By opening these small windows, you can remove some excess heat from your home.

Adding reflective windows or tinting your windows can help block some of the warm sunlight that enters your home. Another benefit is that it keeps your furniture and electronics from being damaged by UV light.

TIP 4: Incorporate screen walls or screen fencing.

Screen walls and fencing can provide privacy while allowing air to move through. While some do not consider fencing as part of the home design, it plays a large role in making or breaking your home’s final look and is worth investing in when considering safety, privacy, and impact. 

You can opt for natural materials, such as bamboo or wood, but the same effect can be achieved even with masonry. 

This house has a mixed fence design that is solid at the base but open at the top

TIP 5: Add plants with landscaping!

Plants, especially trees, can provide shade to shield you from the sun. A fun fact about plants is that during hot weather, they go through a process called transpiration. Essentially, they “sweat” and release excess water from their leaves into the air, cooling the space around them.

Consider indoor landscaping for your next project

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