T Residence

A residence for an Australian-Filipino family.

CE Residence

Rising soon! Another Japandi style house for a professional couple. Japandi house concept is an intersection of Scandinavian and Japanese design

VS Private Family Resort

To have a private family resort one day. Are you one of those people who dream of one day having their own private resort? A lot of people realized that they wanted one especially when the pandemic hit. If only they have a safe and relaxing haven that they can call their own.

JN Pharmaceutical Office & Warehouse Building

Blame 80’s and 90s’ Pinoy movies. When we think of warehouses – most of us have one thing in mind. A rectangular cement structure that looks dull, dark, dusty, and depressing from the outside. Yes, this type of warehouse is very cost-efficient.

QC Residence

Is the Japandi-style House for You? We know the usual preferences when it comes to house design – minimalist, modern, Victorian, etc. Have you heard of the Japandi-style?

Interior Fit-out of Existing Condo Unit

While we take pride in our design and build projects, we also feel fulfilled whenever we help residential property owners with a fit-out project.

3-storey Residence in Tagaytay

At some point in our life, we’ve all had this dream of owning a rest house or residence in Tagaytay. What’s not to love? It’s cool, offers amazing views, and has everything that you need for an amazing quality of life.

A Modern-Industrial Home for a Young Entrepreneurial Couple

It’s really nice to see that a lot of young people are going into entrepreneurship. Obviously, it’s a risk. Well, all things that matter have associated risks anyway. But if you do it right, you will be rewarded.

Two-storey Rest House

Summer’s here! Wouldn’t it be nice if we have a rest house that we can go to in order to escape the busy and chaotic life? A rest house that has everything that we need and more.

D Residence: A House Design that Attracts a Lot of Natural Light

The sun is one of the most powerful and free resources that we have right now. This is why it’s quite the shame that there are still a lot of homeowners that are not taking advantage of what it has to offer.

R Residence

This is a dream home for the young family of 3. Mr. and Mrs. R wanted something compact but functional; modern yet minimalist.

Villas at La Vida Resort

When planning a resort, one of your top considerations should be the villas. You can bet that potential guests will look at your villas. After all, it’s where they’ll be sleeping in.

Ultra-Bio Corporation Plant Office

Ultra-Bio Corporation is a trusted name when it comes to animal health and nutritional products. Known for their products’ top-notch quality, it has grown to be a nationally-recognized brand and is set to cater to the global market.

De Grano Residence

Here at G Cube Design and Build, we’re all about helping you realize your dreams NOW and in the future. The De Grano family wanted a beautiful house right now but they want to maintain flexibility for their future dream – an apartment complex.

Two-Storey Residence in Occidental Mindoro

A client from Occidental Mindoro contacted us for their dream home. We’re currently in the schematic design stage so we’re presenting them with a couple of options with their needs and wants in mind.

Dental Clinic Design

Very few people look forward to a trip to the dental clinic. It doesn’t help that a lot of dental clinics here in the Philippines look drab and uninviting. We kept this in mind when a dental clinic located inside Robinson’s Mall asked us to do the design for them.

Three-Storey Residence

Project Location: Brgy. Balintawak, Lipa City, Batangas Owner: Mr. and Mrs. Lumbera

Burger Mania Soon to Open at The Outlets at Lipa

We here at G Cube Design and Build are fans of Burger Mania. Well, it seems like we’re not alone, as the brand has exploded in Lipa City as it’s now known for their gourmet and Beast Mode burgers.

Physio-therapy Clinic

Clinics are among the more challenging to design. This is because you have to take a lot of things into consideration. Of course, it goes without saying that it should be designed in such a way that medical practitioners will be able to do their job well.

A-frame Resthouse and Office

A very young entrepreneur came to us to design her resthouse/office inside her 2-hectare property that houses her piggery. She wanted an A-frame resthouse that will serve as an office for 4 people.

Palma-Malaluan Hospital

Shortly after completion of the Al Hajeri Building (dialysis center and commercial spaces) located at Rosario, Batangas, the Palma-Malaluan Hospital just across it came to us to consult about their 3-storey building and their plans of expansion.

Lugo 3-Storey Apartment

PRE N’ CES Apartments is a household name in Amapola Subdivision, Lipa City, Batangas. They have made a name for having the most number of apartments in the said area.

Lucena Mixed-Use Development

This schematic design proposal was for the 1.3 hectare Lucena mixed-use development located at Lucena City. The design included a 2-storey commercial building and 5-storey hospital building.

Amparo Warehouse

Garing-Amparo is a prominent name in Lipa City and is well known for the Lipa Sampaguita Mart and Agring Agree Mart both located in the heart of the city. They have been known for providing cost efficient goods to their customers from food to school supplies.

G Cube Design + Build Inc. Office

G Cube with its expanding clientele and services decided to design and construct its own office to cater to the growing company and its needs. The office has 3 parking slots specifically for clients, suppliers, other business/industry partners and its employees.

Magadia’s Rest House

The Magadia’s rest house is a 270 sqm. two-storey rest house located at Brgy. Sampaga, Batangas City.

Socorro Residence

This project is for a 181 sqm. bungalow with mezzanine located at Kalipulako St., Lipa City, Batangas.

Palomares-Sabili Mausoleum

G Cube Design + Build was commissioned to design a 126 sqm. 2-storey mausoleum for the late mother of Mrs. Bernadette Sabili. The design is very minimalist with the use of concrete, wood, glass and bricks.

CRATE Japanese-Korean Restobar

2016 marked an increase of food establishments in and around Lipa City, Batangas. To attest to this statement is the advent of food parks in the city headed by, Metro Events Zone located at Ayala Highway, Lipa City, Batangas.

S Condo

Nowadays people are fed up with traffic that they want to just a rent a place that is just walking distance from their place of work or activities. Such is the case of one of our clients who bought a 57 sqm. condominium unit at S Condo in Cubao, QC,