June 24, 2020

What is Your Interior Design Personality?

Look around every corner of your home. Have you noticed how some pieces and elements are matching your personality? Just like your taste in music and fashion style, your spaces at home can also express and define your personality. 

Every home forms a statement about each owner. It’s because people unconsciously design and shape their lives in their spaces – from the texture, pattern, colors, and many more, as long as it fits their preferences.

Truly, there is no place like home.

Do you know which interior design best suits you? If not, let us find that out as we go on reading! Today, we will present to you five styles that may create the best statement about you.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary is basically the classic style at the moment, referring to the style of the present and the future. When it comes to this, less is always more. Easy sophistication, simplicity, clean lines, warm space, and bold scales are some that make a perfect contemporary room.

This is your style if you are…

  • a person who loves things that are organized and functional.
  • a person who loves a minimalist looking room with focused architectural elements.
  • a person who loves keeping up with the trend.
  • a person who has simple, classy, and elegant vibes.


You may have an eye on the main neutral colors like black, gray, and white. This palette is often accented with bright and bold colors, playing against the concept of neutrality. If your walls are painted in black (or other neutrals), there should be bright and bold accessories used.

Eclectic Style

condo design philippines

Eclectic offers a high-energy vibe brought by bold color palettes, textures, and patterns altogether. This style is all about freedom, harmony, experimentation, and play on different inspirations to create a unique space.

This is your style if you are…

  • a person who loves freedom and exploration of things.
  • a person who loves to be inspired by various influences and cultures (from the places you visited, movies you watched, books you read, etc.)
  • a person who dislikes strict rules. You just love having FUN!
  • a person who looks forward to unexpected combinations.


The color palette can vary, but better choose a series of core colors to match with your design.

Asian Zen

modern bungalow house designs in the philippines

From the name itself, “zen” refers to peace and relaxation. This modern style, being adapted from traditional Japanese Zen-inspired design, embodies contemplation, balance, and minimalist philosophy that is shaped by the owner’s idea of life structure.

This style is for you if you are…

  • a person loves collecting natural materials as decors.
  • a person who loves to clear away all obstacles.
  • a person who has positive, organized, energetic, simple, and rational qualities.
  • a person who loves peace and serenity.


Asian Zen is usually associated with calming tones such as, but not limited to, whites, light neutrals, and dark accents. You can also think of some colors you can see in nature.

Vintage Style

Vintage-styled home showcases its owner’s fondness of uniqueness and antiquity. Every interior design in a vintage room is accessorized and characterized differently which marks a remarkable time period in history. This style never ceases to look and stay elegant.

This style is for you if you are…

  • a person who loves collecting and displaying antiques.
  • a person who knows exactly what he or she wants.
  • a person who has qualities of being highly complexed, determined, and motivated.
  • a person who has a high degree of personalization.


The color palette includes a lot of beiges and cream colors which are excellent to work together with most furniture and decoration pieces.

Industrial Style

The industrial style gives off an urban vibe inspired by industrial spaces such as factories, warehouses, and yards. Its décor is comprising of bare bricks, woods, and metals which would likely turn out as edgy, raw unfinished interiors.

This style is for you if you are…

  • a person who has qualities of being extroverted, charismatic, and highly social.
  • a person who loves collecting unique things.
  • a person who loves making something that is unique for you – a DIY individual!
  • a person who likes a space that does not require you to worry.


You may just want to see warm neutral colors painted on your walls. Shades of dark grey could be another great color palette to choose from!

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