February 12, 2022

Every Day will be Valentine’s Day with these 5 House Design Ideas that You’ll Love

Whenever February rolls around, you can just feel the love spreading from people and businesses alike. Soon, you’ll start seeing a lot of pink and red everywhere! This is especially true on Valentine’s Day where everything love-related is celebrated in one day. Here are 5 design ideas to keep Valentine’s Day alive in your home 365 days a year.

  1. Have a dedicated space for a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a collection of photos that are placed together in a group. Some may even opt to include paintings or canvases with quotes written on them to break up the monotonous look between the photos. This space can be used to display your best/favorite pictures with your loved ones and can be updated as often as you’d like. Take it up a notch by putting a gallery wall on an accent wall that’s a shade of red, pink, or whatever color you’d like.

  1. Smart Lights

Smart homes are slowly becoming the new normal among houses because of how easy they are to manage– you can even easily do this from the comfort of your phone! Smart lights can be controlled via an app so that you can control the brightness and color of the bulbs. Replacing the lights in your kitchen, dining, or bedroom with smart lights can do a great deal in setting the mood and creating the perfect ambiance. 

  1. Have a space for an outdoor dining area

Whether it be a terrace, a garden area, or a patio, having an outdoor dining area would make a nice change of pace from eating in a regular dining area. Use this space to set up a picnic or use it as an at-home al fresco dining area. Every night can easily be turned into date night. Be sure to follow these tips to make it a smooth night free of mosquitos!

  1. Invest in your kitchen/dining area

If eating outside isn’t your thing, you can opt to focus your time and energy on creating the best kitchen/dining area instead! Read more about the benefits here. Food tastes better when shared together, so you want to create a space that is conducive to spending quality time cooking and eating with your loved one. Afterward, you can even bond while washing dishes and putting away cookware! 

  1. A living room full of decor

Nothing says comfort like a living room with a giant sofa, blankets, and pillows to boot! Not to mention a large screen tv that’s perfect for binge-watching your favorite shows and movies. Make it more Valentine’s-y by swapping your pillowcases with red, pink, or even plaid designs! A few of them could even carry cheesy pickup lines or love-related quotes. Accessorize your living room with candles and flowers and create the perfect atmosphere to cuddle in during an at-home date.

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