Home with a Garden? Here are Gardening Ideas that will Convince You to Incorporate a Garden to your Home Design

Were you a part of the many plantitas that sprouted when the pandemic began? Or maybe you’re looking into developing your green thumb and want to incorporate more nature into your surroundings (and add more greens into your diet)? Whatever the reason is, here are four reasons why you should add a garden to your […]

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Every Day will be Valentine’s Day with these 5 House Design Ideas that You’ll Love

Whenever February rolls around, you can just feel the love spreading from people and businesses alike. Soon, you’ll start seeing a lot of pink and red everywhere! This is especially true on Valentine’s Day where everything love-related is celebrated in one day. Here are 5 design ideas to keep Valentine’s Day alive in your home […]

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Merry Christmas from G Cube!

It’s been a tough year. Just like last year, we’ve faced countless challenges brought upon by the pandemic. But you know what? We’re still here. You’re still here. We’re still fighting. If we’re going to stop and really think about it, we’ve encountered a lot of blessings as well – both big and small. The […]

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