April 7, 2018

Condo Design Philippines: Tips to Ensure a Timely and Contemporary Design for your Condo

Smartly located at the prime of metropolitan developments, condo design Philippines is now becoming a trend. Popular among young and career-driven professionals, starting families and working class citizens, condominiums are definitely a showcase of a Filipino modern way of living.

For couples starting out on their new chapters in life, they find condominiums a practical choice because it’s more convenient and less time-consuming than waiting for a house construction. The Filipino millennial demographic, on the other hand, think condos are ideal since they provide accessibility to universities and lifestyle infrastructures.

With the skyrocketing trend of condominiums also comes the need for condo interior design Philippines. Buying a condominium sure provides a great convenience. But to turn it into a space with your own touch is another thing. Luckily, interior designers in the Philippines have towers of ideas to help Filipinos with their design needs.

There’s no specific condo design in the Philippines. A modern interior designer Philippines now has a touch of Western influence. Small condo interior design Philippines comes in different flavors, depending on the taste and preference of each client. Some may prefer to go for a modern contemporary style, a contemporary blend of traditional and modern style, a modest minimalist interior or a personal and relaxing Zen-style design.

How to Implement an Efficient Condo Design Philippines

No matter what your design preference is, here are some general tips to make the most out of your small-spaced haven:

  • Figure out first your needs and how you will be using your newly-acquired condo.

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For instance, if you’re going to cook most of the time, then go for a larger kitchen space and dining room. For example, if you are the entertainer type and you invite guests into your condo more often, the kitchen island’s counter can be of great help. You can extend the kitchen island’s counter top to create an improvised dining table, where your guest can hang around while you’re preparing the food. Cooking has never been as sociable and enjoyable as this! If, however, you want to use your space as a place for relaxation, then you can opt for a more spacious living area or a balcony accompanied with small greeneries, such as indoor or hanging plants.

  • Space planning should be a priority, too.

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Every space should serve a purpose. Make sure that all the stuff you have are as functional and decorative. Before you start shopping for furniture and such, consider first how you’ll arrange them conveniently in the sense that you could also achieve your desired looks. Discuss the most convenient design with your interior designer to achieve the look you’re aiming for.

  • Make colors work for you.

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Dark colors may give your space a luxurious vibe, but they are not the best option when talking about small spaces. It is advisable to go for lighter colors like beige, off-white, softer shades of blue or pale shades of gray. These hues give the place a sense of a light and open feeling, thereby creating the illusion of a larger space. However, dark colors can still bring magic to your condo. You can paint your ceiling with dark hues, which will create depth. You can also add fixtures that can captivate your attention upward, thereby allowing you to take in the illusion of height.

  • No one wants to live in the dark.

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To avoid this, intricate lighting plan is a must. Don’t just buy fancy-looking lighting fixtures. Plan out the lighting according to your needs and the look and feels you want to achieve.

  • One of the challenges of condo design is the incorporation of storage systems.

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Built-in storages, wall-mounted shelves and wall niches can serve the dual purpose of storage and additional interior design. They also lessen the clutter, giving you more space for other interior opportunities.  Should you wish to venture into built-in options or such, contact your interior designer or a contractor.

  • Do away with formalities.

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A room that looks too formal lacks the sense of creativity and personal touch. Don’t hesitate to use colors of varieties, even shapes, textures or patterns. Just like make-ups, colors are used to enhance the look of your condo. A good choice of color can give your space the character you so desire. As long as it speaks to “you”, immerse on it. This is your space, your home and your big, blank canvas.

  • Make smart choices with your accessories.

Go for light-hued, sheer drapes for a more luxurious and airy vibe. Floor-to-ceiling drapes work best, too, as they give the illusion of height as well to the room.

  • Big furniture doesn’t need to be taken out of your consideration.

Having one prominent furniture piece makes the room appear clutter-less, but be sure to limit it to one statement piece. The rest can just be smaller pieces to accentuate your larger furniture.

  • Mirror, mirror on the walls create an illusion of space.

Probably the most used idea for condo design Philippines is to take advantage of the reflective property of mirrors. You can install full-length mirrors to visually expand your room’s space. You can also hang multiple mirrors, ideally the smaller ones, to create some sort of statement on your wall. This can serve as the focal point of your room.

To see how we implemented these condo interior design Philippines tips, check out this small condo interior design Philippines project!

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Interior design can sure be a hassle, especially when working with small spaces such as condominiums. But with G Cube Design and Build, we’ll help you design your space with ease.  Get in touch with us now and receive the best small condo interior design service Philippines!

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archie selim
April 16, 2018 at 4:40 am

Hi! How much do you charge po to style an existing condo in Makati? Size is about 60 sqm but only the bedroom and the living room will be styled. Tnx.

G Cube Design + Build Inc.
April 18, 2018 at 1:36 am

Hi! We’d love to hear more about your project. Can you please fill out the form here?


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