September 3, 2020

What is the Scope of the Practice of Architecture?

“Drawing-drawing lang naman ang gagawin eh.”

Almost all architects have heard of this line from prospective clients. We’ve been approach by people wondering why we charge what we charge, telling us that we shouldn’t charge that amount because all we need to do is to draw.

It’s easy to see why most architects will be offended. After all, we’ve spent years educating and training ourselves so we can offer the services that we’re offering today. Yes, services, and it’s not just “drawing-drawing”.

However, we here at G Cube Design and Build understand why some people are under the impression that this is all that architects do. We don’t take offense. We’d like to think that people say that because of lack of knowledge on how architects work.

This is why we’ve taken it upon us to educate the market on what we do.

You can check out our post on our fan page to see the scope of the practice of architecture as specified under Republic Act No. 9266.

As you can see, it’s not just “drawing-drawing”. While it’s an important part of our passion, it’s not the only thing that we do. We’ll be there with you from planning to turnover. As you can see from our post, there are a lot of things that need to be done between planning and turnover.

In fact, we also take pride in our after-service after the turnover. So you can expect more in addition to this scope.

Sa Arkitekto, Sigurado

Why are we sharing this? We’d like to educate the market that hiring an architect is the way to go. Looking at the scope, can you really trust someone else to do all of those tasks? What happens when a task is missed? There’s a good chance that more than one task will be missed, and that can prove to be disastrous.

You’ll be investing your hard-earned money on your project. By investing on an architect, you’ll be investing part of your hard-earned money on the most important part of your project – peace of mind knowing that things will be done right.

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