September 18, 2018

What are the Potential Dangers of a Low Cost House Design in the Philippines?

We here at G Cube Design and Build get it. Times are tough and we should be smart when it comes to our finances. This means that we should save whenever and wherever we can.

The same thing applies to homes. Sure, it’s okay to look for great deals. As contractors, we have provided more budget-friendly options to our clients. But this is not to say that we’re recommending that you aim for a low cost house design in the Philippines.

Low Cost Equals Cheap?

We’re not saying that all low cost homes are bad. There are some good ones that can provide you with basic shelter. However, we have to acknowledge the fact that homes are naturally huge investments. This is especially true if you have a dream home in mind. You’re not looking for just basic shelter. You can expect to pay a lot of money for a home. This is why potential homeowners save money for years and/or take out a loan for it.

This means that quality will suffer if you insist on too low of a cost. An experienced contractor would be wise to tell you if too much of the quality will suffer if you have too low of a budget.

So yes, if you’re not careful, low cost for your dream home can equal to cheap.

What are the Potential Dangers?

Here are the potential dangers of a low cost house design in the Philippines:

  • You can fall victim to a bad or fraudulent contractor.

Again, an experienced contractor would set expectations if your budget is too low for your dream home. They would tell you the truth, even if it means losing you as a client. On the other hand, a bad or fraudulent contractor would be a “yes man” and say that anything is possible just so they can get you as a client. The problems would start to roll in as soon as they run out of money because of lack of budget.

Worse, you could fall victim to a no-show contractor.

  • Your safety may be compromised.

The contractor would have to cut corners just to make the budget fit. Again, there’s nothing wrong with going for more economical options. There are premium options for materials and there are less expensive ones that can still be good for your project. The danger comes when you choose low quality materials that are not designed for the project that you have in mind.

They may look okay when it’s newly-built but you’ll notice massive deterioration in as little as a few months. This can lead to an unstable and unsafe home.

We’ve seen the news of homeowners going after developers of their low cost home because of how their homes have deteriorated in just a few months. Don’t let this happen to you.

  • Your dream home won’t turn into reality.

building a house

You probably have a dream home in mind with every inch of the home planned for. If you insist on a budget that’s too low and the contractor accepts, there will be compromises. You may find yourself living in a home that’s not really your dream home.

  • You will spend more money later on.

If the budget is too low for what you’re trying to achieve, it’s almost a sure thing that the contractor would cut corners here and there to try and make the budget fit. This means quick deterioration and damages both big and small. This means that you’d have to spend money for renovations and repairs. You’d end up spending more money that you would have if you spent the right money for your dream home in the first place.

Contact Us to Avoid these Dangers Today!

We’ve worked on small and big projects. With our experience, we can tell you if your budget makes sense as to what you’re trying to achieve. Our experience will also help you save money where it makes sense.

simple house design

At the end of the day, your home is the biggest investment that you’ll make. Ensure great returns by hiring us and with the right budget, we can turn that dream home into reality. Contact us today!

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