May 3, 2018

Upgrading your Home Experience: The Wonders of Home Renovation

Remember that euphoric feeling when you first laid your eyes on your newly-built home? It’s like falling in love for the first time, when you admire its beauty from a distance while you daydream about your future at your haven of comfort and dreams.

But the years have been slowly taking away that fresh beauty of your home. Next thing you know, you’re browsing countless of magazines to look for design ideas to bring that lost aesthetic appeal back again. Or perhaps, the functionalities of your home are not suitable for your needs anymore. You might be thinking of upgrading your home to fit your ever changing needs.

Enter home renovation projects.

Why Renovate Your Home

Home renovation is simply the act of improving your home, either to fix a broken or outdated structure, to add something new or to bring something back to its former glory. A lot of reasons may influence our decision to opt for a house renovation project. Nonetheless, here are some of the common reasons why people indulge in a house renovation project and some ideas on how to bring solution to these reasons.

  • Ensure the comfort of living in your own home.

There are a lot of reasons to renovate or expand, but the first thing that shouldn’t be neglected is your own comfort and enjoyment. If increasing the property value is the driving force behind your renovation/expansion project, chances are you’re going to turn your home into a model house.

Appealing as it may be, the purpose of model houses are just for show. Living in those types of houses will make you feel like you’re staying in someone else’s home. You wouldn’t want to feel like a stranger in your own home, so put your own comfort on priority.

Consider first the house improvements that would increase your comfortable living at home and list them down. For example, if you want to venture into gardening or provide more presence of cool air at your home, you can consider allotting a space for your plants, flowers, trees and other garden-related greeneries. You can also consider expanding your living space so you can enjoy moving around freely or have more space and time for family conversations.

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Perhaps, you want to contribute for the greater good of nature, so you decide to turn your home into an eco-friendly one. There are a lot of renovation ideas that can help reduce your home’s eco footprint. For instance, you can replace your roofs with solar panels. They are proven to keep energy consumption and electricity bills down, plus they serve a dual purpose of heating your home and providing enough power for some appliances. The investment can cost a little higher initially, but they’ll be cost-efficient on the long term.

Whatever your reason for comfort living is, be sure to talk with a contractor on how you can make your home as aesthetically pleasing as it can be without having to neglect your and your family’s comfort and enjoyment.

  • Your family and home should grow hand in hand.

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Reality speaking, children are not forever infants. When your children are still small, the need for a bigger house may not be an option for you. But when they grow, the need for space grows as well. Luckily, the increase of your income goes along with the years, giving you the opportunity to go for that home expansion for your family.

Instead of moving to a new and larger house, why not expand? Some new room additions for your kids, a larger living space for more family time or a newly renovated/expanded kitchen can prove to be more hassle-free and expenses-friendly than moving to a new home.

A new lifestyle can be an influencing factor on your home renovation/expansion, too. For instance, if you are the entertaining type, you can opt for a deck, porch or veranda addition so you’ll have more space to entertain guests while showcasing the exterior beauty of your home. If you and your family are swimmers at heart or are just starting to learn this aquatic hobby, you can go for a swimming pool addition, too.

Speaking of hobbies, you can also have more room additions that can accommodate your indoor sports and hobbies. You can even go for a room addition that would serve as your home office if you’re managing a business of your own or doing freelance works.

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If you’re working on a smaller space and you want to expand more rooms, you can go opt for a second floor expansion. And if you’re worrying where to enjoy the view with such a small space, a roof deck renovation could be beneficial for you!

  • Trendy ideas keep emerging and changing through the years.

Your house might be the apple of your eye, but with the ever-changing trend of styles and ideas, you might find your house unappealing as it was before. To ensure that your house remains the apple of your eyes for years, go for a style that is timeless yet trendy. If you keep following trendy ideas every time, you’ll find yourself bankrupt with all your renovation projects. So it’s best to go for a style that is still “in” as years go by.

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To ensure that the design style of your house remains trendy through the years, you can combine certain ideas from the past, present and future trends. Pick out what’s appealing to you then work out how and in which part of the house will you implement them. You can talk with a designer or an architect to get an expert’s side on mixing these trends to create an appealing style for your home.

  • Safety concerns should be given attention.

Home renovations do not settle for design improvements only. There are those that seek to solve construction-related problems, such as electrical problems, cracks in the foundation or roof leaks. This kind of renovation must be done first hand. After all, you don’t want to put your family’s safety in the line. Doing this renovation project immediately also saves you time and money, as it prevents more catastrophic loss for your home.

G Cube and Design and Build Inc. – Your Friendly Guide to Your Home Renovation Ideas

Home renovation projects can bring a new wave of beauty for your home, but when not done professionally, both your home and your budget are at stake. Don’t make the mistake of venturing into a home renovation project without direction. Get in touch with G Cube Design and Build and we’ll be more than willing to guide you on this life-changing project of yours!

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