August 6, 2019

Townhouse Design Philippines: What Makes it a Good Option for your Family?

A townhouse is a type of housing that maximizes its use of land space. It has multiple floors and are usually placed in a row with other townhouses that are connected by side walls. These are especially desired in urban areas where there are smaller plots of land. 

Townhouses are a good choice for new families looking to build or lease their new home because it provides a space that is easily convertible with a price that is more affordable than other types of housing (in addition to the cost of the land itself). 


When looking for a home, cost is one of the largest factors that hinders a buyer. Townhouses are generally cheaper than apartments and standalone houses; however, prices vary by location. Not only do you own the interior of a townhouse, but the exterior and lawns as well. Moreover, the cost of building a townhouse may be cheaper than building a house. 


Townhouses are usually located in convenient locations giving you access to essential amenities. As more areas are becoming urbanized, these amenities are gradually coming closer to the various subdivisions that are already set in place. For example, Lipa City is a desirable location for homeowners because it is a city that is both urban and rural with facilities of a modern city.

Some subdivisions may even have parks, playgrounds, gyms, and pools that you and your children can use. Others may have a communal grilling area where you can have a barbecue and spend time with your family and neighbors. And if these are not located in your subdivision, they could be within walking distance.


In terms of the outward appearance, townhouses are less flexible with what they can look like. However, you have the freedom to decorate the interior as you like. They also deal with the costs of maintaining the exterior of the townhouse. Some townhouses may already be modernized to address the wants of their consumers. 

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As opposed to apartments that consist of one common hallway, townhouses provide more privacy as each unit has its own entrance and exit. The close proximity of the units also means that you will get to know your neighbors, who can act as another security measure for your family and home.

New homeowners with little to no experience in gardening or outdoor maintenance will enjoy the small lawn space that townhouses have to offer. After getting used to owning a house and learning how to maintain it can help homeowners adjust to larger houses, if they ever want to upgrade. And vice versa, older homeowners can benefit from the reduced number of responsibilities after switching to a townhouse.

When deciding what kind of housing to get as your first home, always make sure to do a full sweep of the advantages and disadvantages of all your housing options. Townhouses are perfect for new homeowners that are looking for an affordable place to call their own. 

Make sure to plan for a long term stay when you are choosing your new home. You’d want to make your purchase worth it.

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