February 24, 2019

This House Design Philippines is Perfect in Batangas so You can Enjoy the Amazing View

The province of Batangas is blessed with amazing views. We sometimes forget about it, but take the time to stop and look around so you can enjoy the amazing views. Even if the province has been modernized the past decade, we’re still fortunate that we can still admire views of the mountains, beaches, greens, and the likes.

If you’re blessed with a lot that has an amazing view around you, doesn’t it make sense for you to take advantage of a house design Philippines that allows you to enjoy this amazing view? This is what we had in mind for our client for their lot at the Summit Point Golf & Residential Estates in Lipa City.

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Two-Storey Residence with a View

house design philippines

This 192 sqm house features the following:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • Master’s toilet and bath with walk-in closet
  • Common toilet and bath
  • Studio
  • Carport/driveway
  • Great room
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Ground floor pantry
  • 2nd floor patio

This should be perfect for a mid-sized family of 3 to 4.

Highlights of this Philippines House Design

We always recommend the use of natural lighting whenever possible and even the ground floor has lots of it.

philippines house design

It also features a great look of your front yard. In the case of Summit Point, it features a great look of the whole estate.

The backyard is home to future cookouts.

Summit Point

This is also in a fairway lot so it offers a great view of the golf course.

Check out this 2nd floor studio.

house design in philippines

You can choose to have a TV there but we think you’d be looking outside the windows more to enjoy the view.

house design with a view

The coolest thing about it is it’s basically a studio unit complete with bedroom, living room and kitchen. It’s basically a home inside a home best reserved for the bachelor in your family who needs his own space. Its bedroom even offers its own view!

lipa city

Of course, check out the master’s bedroom.

It has everything that you need to rest, relax, enjoy and even stay productive when needed.

Here’s the rest of the house.

Have Your Own Home with a View Today!

We can design your home with a view today. Contact us and share with us details about your dream home. Let’s turn it into reality!

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