June 28, 2018

Things to Consider for a Commercial Building Project

Generally speaking, a commercial building project is bigger and more complicated than a residential one. There are more factors involved and things to consider. If you’ve tackled a residential project before and you feel as if a commercial building one will be the same, you’re in for a surprise – and not the pleasant variety.

Differences between a Residential and Commercial Project

A residential construction project is the process of building a house or a home. Basically, it’s to construct a building that’s designed for residing purposes.

On the other hand, a commercial construction project is the process of building a building that’s designed for commercial use like an office building, apartment for rent, warehouse, factory, restaurant, industrial building, and the likes.

What are the Things to Consider for a Commercial Building Project?

If you have a commercial building project in the works, make sure that you consider the following things:

  • Plan and budget

What is your plan for the commercial building? How many floors? What is the total floor area? How many rooms will there be?

It’s a good idea to hire an architect that understands the needs that the building has to fulfill. Let’s say for example that you want a clinic constructed. Take a look at this design proposal for a physio-therapy clinic in Makati.

clinic design

As you can see, the design incorporates space solutions to the needs of this specific business. With this design, they can do their job effectively and efficiently.

You also have to consider your plans in the future. Let’s say for example that you’re looking to have an office built for your company. What are your future plans for expansion? That’s something that you have to consider.

The important thing is you plan well. This is to avoid last minute changes that will cause a lot of delays and additional expenses.

Of course you have to consider your budget with your plans. You have to get your financing in order. You wouldn’t want to spend money that your business can’t afford, or else you’ll have a new office building but with a bankrupt business. Worse, you could have an unfinished building.

  • Continuity of operations

What will happen to your existing business operations while the project is ongoing? Is the project for a renovation of your existing building? If yes, can you still work or do you have to move to a temporary location? Talk to your contractor about this concern. In our case, we were able to renovate this hospital while they continue their operations.

Palma-Malaluan Hospital

  • Materials that you’ll use

It goes without saying that commercial buildings will be used and abused. This is especially true for something like a commercial shopping center that will get a lot of foot traffic.

Lucena Mixed-Use Development

This is why you have to make sure that you use high-quality materials that are fit for their purpose.

Batangas contractor

You can source the materials on your own but then again, do you know the right materials to use? It’s best to work with a contractor because a good one knows the best materials to use. As a bonus, they have suppliers that can get them at a good deal.

  • Permits

Needless to say, commercial buildings will require more permits. You have to get them in order first before starting the project. You wouldn’t want to experience months of delay just because you missed a permit. A good contractor can help you get them in order.

  • Going green

A green home can help save you a lot of money in the long run. With a commercial building, you can benefit from saving a lot of money in the long run. For starters, encourage natural lighting and ventilation so you wouldn’t have to rely on artificial lighting and air conditioning too heavily.

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