May 18, 2018

These Home Remodeling Projects will Increase the Value of Your Home

When talking about increasing the resale value of a home, people automatically think of renovating one’s home to do so. Just thinking about renovation projects makes people giddy with excitement as they’re about to turn their old home into something that they believe is “fresh and trendy”.

Home renovation isn’t as simple as we think. Certain factors come into play, and the most important is your potential buyer’s preferences. You can’t just splash new colors on the walls or add new fixtures that would look cool or simply add rooms to suffice the idea of “more spaces”. Every buyer has their own needs and preferences, and you must take this into consideration when planning your home renovation project.

The scale of your home renovation project depends on the condition of your home and how suitable it is to your target market. Adjusting your home to your potential buyer’s needs would give you the chance to increase your demand on the price of the property during the selling process. The more beneficial a house is to a buyer, the more leverage you have to increase your property’s value the reasonable way.

It’s not just about increasing your home’s resale value. Done right, a renovation project can improve the quality of your living.

Major or minor, a home renovation project is still a home renovation project. Here are some home renovation ideas to help you achieve that property value increase and improved quality of living you’d been targeting.

  • Do minor/major remodeling on vital rooms of your home.

Nothing says fresh look more than a makeover of your home. A house that is fresh and new as it can be has a higher chance to shine in the market. To give your home the makeover it needs, you can do minor renovations such as replacing the toilet in the bathroom with a modern-looking one, repainting your cabinets in a dark wood shade to give it a new and luxurious look or adding a new shelf to your bedroom to clear more space.

If you have the money and time, then a major remodeling could work for you. For instance, you could redo your kitchen’s look by placing custom-built cabinets, repainting the walls, upgrading necessary fixtures such as the sink or adding granite countertops.

For the bathroom, major renovations could include addition of fixtures such as a bathtub or a new toilet, placing of tiles or vinyl for the flooring and/or installing bathroom cabinets and tile countertops.

bathroom renovation

And for the living room, you can add walls to increase the sense of enclosure or remove them to give more space for other rooms, replace windows that would complement the furniture placed in the living room or add built-in shelves for those little accenting furniture and displays.

home renovating

Remodeling might consume a little bit more of your time and money, but can bring you a nice return of investment when done right. The need for remodeling actually depends on the condition of your house and the preference(s) of your target buyers. So before diving into this kind of project, make sure to do research on the most suitable remodeling idea for your home that would hit your buyer’s preference(s) and your target budget.

  • Enjoy the great outdoors with a porch, balcony, deck or patio addition.

If a perfect, scenic view is within your home’s view, then don’t waste the chance to use some space where you or your potential buyers could enjoy the view. There’s always a perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, and what’s more perfect than enjoying it from your porch, balcony, patio or deck?

home renovation

Adding an outdoor extension requires careful consideration. There’s the available space, the comfort it could provide when homeowners stay outside, and as always, the cost of this addition.

When you only have a small space left, you can opt for a balcony addition. It may not be for entertaining purposes, but it still serves the purpose of providing a spot for enjoying the view. However, if you have front yard spaces still unoccupied, there are several options for you. You can opt for a small patio, a deck that serves as some sort of outdoor extension of your home, or a porch where you can place some outdoor chairs and relax with the view while enjoying some company outside.   

Having an outdoor extension to your home could potentially add to your house’s chance of attracting potential buyers. More potential buyers mean a higher demand of your property in the market.

  • Check your home’s electrical needs.

Home renovation isn’t just about additions and aesthetic makeovers. When planning to sell your property, you have to make sure that every single detail of your home is in working condition. And when we say working condition, the first thing that should come into mind are the electrical aspects of your home. Make sure that the electrical wirings at your home are up to date so future homeowner(s) won’t experience electrical problems in the future.

Electrical renovation may include additional outlets, installation of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters which are designed to interrupt the power supply if the item plugged-in comes into contact with water, readjustments or replacements of outlets and/or increasing the capacity of the existing electrical supply by upgrading panels.

  • Consider having new flooring that’s durable and decorative.

Your home’s flooring should serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. They should provide comfort and durability to homeowners whilst adding to the total beauty of the home. In short, this home renovation should ensure that your house’s flooring is an all-in-one package.

floor renovation

Certain factors should be taken into consideration when delving into a flooring renovation project. Every room has its specific needs, so you can’t just replace the flooring of the whole house with wood flooring or tiles. For instance, the flooring of a bathroom is different than a kitchen’s flooring. Tiles might look good as a flooring design but it may not be suitable for other rooms because it can get slippery. You also have to consider if the flooring matches the intended style or theme of a room. For example, tiled flooring might not be the suitable type of flooring if you’re achieving a modern look. On the other hand, wood flooring might prove to be an opposing choice if you want to go for a traditional look. This part of home renovation might seem simple, but it actually requires a lot of careful thinking and considerations.

  • More rooms, more spaces, more fun.

More rooms mean more spaces for different purposes. More usable spaces on your home mean an increase in the value of your property. Carefully plan the rooms you’ll be adding to your home. Do your potential buyers need more bedrooms and bathrooms? Or maybe they’re in need of vacant spaces that they can convert into offices or multifunctional rooms. Perhaps they are in need of a garage, a deck or even a basement?

Whatever the reason is, be sure to do some thorough research on your target market so that you specifically know which kind of rooms to add. Researching first saves you time and money the smart way.

There are basically two options when adding rooms: the build up or build out options. The build up option involves adding more rooms on the upper levels of your home. This is recommended for those houses that have minimal space available but still needs to expand. The build out option, on the other hand, involves addition of rooms at the ground level. It may cause a huge loss of space and the hassle of building a new foundation, but it proves to be the less disrupting option than the building up option.

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