January 21, 2018

Simple House Design in the Philippines: How You can Make it Work for You

For a lot of Filipinos, a simple house design makes a lot of sense. Not only is it practical, but done right, it can be downright beautiful. Nowadays when people are moving towards simplicity, modernism and minimalism, a simple house design in the Philippines can lead to the home of your dreams.

What is a Simple House Design?

A simple house design is a house design that lacks the bells and whistles. More often than not, it’s usually reserved for smaller homes that are 200 square meters or less in total floor area. You’d want to maximize a small home and in most cases, having unnecessary features and trimmings will make a small home inefficient.

A simple design is also a cost-effective one. Without the unnecessary features and trimmings, the homeowner can divert his budget into making sure that the materials used are of the highest quality.

How can You Make it Work for You?

There’s a common misconception that a simple house design in the Philippines is cheap and boring. That can be true if you’re not careful, so follow these tips so you can make it work for you:

  • Make sure to consider your family’s needs.
simple house design in the Philippines

Keep your family in mind.

An experienced architect will make sure that your family’s needs are taken into consideration when the design is drawn. For example, a basic design may not have an entertainment room because it’s usually unnecessary, but a home office may be necessary if you bring a lot of your work home.

You also have to consider the basics including the number of rooms and bathrooms.

  • Use high quality materials.
simple home design

Demand for high quality materials.

You’ll be surprised at the savings that you’ll get if you choose something simpler. You can actually use those savings to invest on higher quality materials. Instead of buying your materials from the discounted, out of date and imperfect aisle, you can ask for the materials that offer the best quality.

  • Choose the right design and materials.

Of course, it’s also important that you choose the right design and materials. In this case, the house design should fit your needs as a Filipino homeowner. This especially applies if you’re looking to have a simple home. You can refer to this post as we’ve provided helpful tips there on the things to consider for a house design in the Philippines.

simple house design

It all starts with the design

PS: Check out this post to see the full details of the above’s design.

This is also why it’s important that you hire a good architect. A simple house design in the Philippines – one that is not designed by a good architect – is usually box-y and boring. A good architect can give you a simple design that will still stand out.

  • Invest in exterior lighting.
exterior lighting

Make your home light up.

Exterior lighting will light up your home both literally and figuratively. Ask your contractor for your options when it comes to outdoor lighting. Outdoor wall sconces, LED path lights, string lights, fence lamps and wall lanterns are some great options.

As a bonus, they can provide additional security especially at night.

  • Choose color palettes wisely.

You have a good opportunity to make your house pop by choosing the right color scheme. You can’t go wrong with a classical color scheme like black and white. You can also choose something more modern like blue in different hues.

Using earthy greens and complementing them with yellow will do great with a simple house design in the Philippines because it is a tropical country.

  • Invest in interior design.

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Hire a Good Architect and Contractor!

Sure, you can just have a box for a house since you’re looking for a simple house design, but for a simple house design in the Philippines that work for you, it’s a must that you hire a good architect and contractor.

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