November 7, 2017

Simple House Design: How can You Make it Work?

There’s a rising modern house design Philippines trend – going for a simple house design. Gone are the days when homeowners go for extremely extravagant designs that will make people stop with all the intricate details, whether at awe or because of confusion as to what’s happening. Nowadays, a lot of homeowners want to keep it simple or more globally known as Minimalism.

Simple House Design: Why Go for It

A simple house design in the Philippines can provide you with a lot of benefits. Here are just some of them:

  • It’s more affordable.

A simple house won’t have all the bells and whistles that are usually not needed to maintain a high quality of living. You won’t really miss them, so might as well not incorporate them in the design so you can save money on design and construction cost.

But keep in mind, that is not always the case. If you use granite or marble slabs to get a monolithic, sleek and timeless design, of course there is a price to pay.

  • It’s easier to maintain.

Extravagant houses tend to have too many rooms, corners and spaces. In addition to daily cleaning, you’d have to schedule a weekly general cleaning if you want to maintain the appearance of your house. This is because modern houses tend to use lesser enclosures or partitions which requires constant re-painting or cleaning.

In addition, you’d have to worry about more repairs since an extravagant house will have more parts that will eventually get damaged and will require repairs. So in reality, in addition to spending more on design and construction, you’d have to spend more on maintenance and repairs.

  • It can stand the test of time because the design is timeless.

Housing trends will come and go. However, a simple design will stand the test of time because it’s character are based from the geometric forms and the materials used i.e. glass, steel, raw concrete, granite or marble slabs, wood, etc.

  • You can easily update and upgrade if necessary.
simple house design in the Philippines
This is a good example of a simple house design in the Philippines.

Since the design is pretty straight forward, you can easily make changes as you see fit. Just make sure if you have an expansion in mind that you cater or leave space for it.

  • It’s less chaotic.

This is self-explanatory. As long as you properly maintain a minimalist house, there will be less chaos.

Is there a Downside?

A simple house design can be viewed as bland or office like. In addition, it can affect the quality of your life. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a house that you’ll eventually hate. This will lead to expenses as you’ll try to fix things by renovating, expanding or even moving to a new house.

How can You Make it Work?

Don’t let the downsides affect your decision if you really want to live in a simple house. You can easily make it work by following these tips below:

  • Go for a modern design.
modern house design Philippines
A modern house design Philippines.

Rising modern house design Philippines trends include Zen and minimalistic approaches. A good architect experienced in creating a simple house design in the Philippines can provide you with a simple but modern design that you’ll love. It will still stand out even if it’s simple because it’s modern.  A good architect can make use of simple materials and make your building or house timeless.  An experienced architect plans and designs a house in such a way that it is tailor fit to its site and its restrictions if there is any. Also, a sensitive and competent architect makes use of void spaces, lights and shadows to an advantage. Correct orientation of the building also gives you the right amount of natural light and ventilation.

  • Consider the needs of your family.

You’d have no use for a house design that doesn’t meet the needs of your family. Talk to your architect and let them know the needs of your family. For starters, how many rooms and bathrooms do you need? What are your requirements? Does your family enjoy spending quality time in the living room or the dining table?  For this you may ask for a design brief from your architect.

For a simple house design to work, it has to maintain and eventually improve your family’s quality of life. It can do so if it meets and exceeds the needs of your family.

You should also consider future needs of your family. Do you still plan on having more kids? Make sure to consider the possibility of expansion.

  • Hire a good interior designer.
A modern and minimalist approach.

This separates exciting house designs from boring ones. Don’t live in a box. Designer can inject a lot of life into your simple home.

Hire a Contractor that Specializes in Simple House Design in the Philippines

Get your dream house today!

We here at G Cube Design + Build recognize that more and more people want a simple home. Get in touch with us and tap our expertise when it comes to simple and modern house design Philippines trends. We’re looking forward to turning your dream into reality!

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