July 26, 2020

Should OFWs Invest in a Home? Here are the Reasons Why They Should

First of all, we’d like to salute the OFWs. There’s a good reason why they’re called modern-day heroes. The contributions that they make to their families, community and country are immeasurable.

It’s not just that. Most of them are having a hard time. They’ll be the first to tell you that their jobs there are hard. Worse, they fight off homesickness. After all, there’s no place like home.

You’re probably nodding your head now if you’re an OFW. You also know the importance of investing your hard-earned money so you can one day retire comfortably with your family here in the country. This begs the question – should you invest in a home?

Reasons Why it’s a Must to Invest in a Home

Here are the reasons why you should start investing in a home right now:

  • You need a home to retire in when you go back home.
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Like most OFWs, there’s a good chance that you plan on one day going back home to your beloved country so you can be with your family. After working for decades on foreign soil, do you want to go back home here to a house that’s not your own?

  • You can actually see where your money went.

Have you ever had this feeling that you don’t really know where your money went? By investing in a home, you know exactly where your money went – into your dream home.

  • It’s a fulfilling fruit of your labor.

Very few things can match the feeling of seeing a home – your home – being built. It makes all of it worthwhile.

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In fact, it can help you fight homesickness, thinking that it’s for your family’s future home. It will also help your family fight the sadness. When they see the home being built, they see the future. That is, the family complete in your own home.

  • It’s an investment that can last you a lifetime.

Provided that it’s designed by a good architect and constructed by a good contractor, the investment will be worth it. This is because it’s going to last you a lifetime. This is especially true if you’re going to regularly maintain it.

  • It can give you good returns on your investment.

Do you have a vacant lot that’s not earning you money? You can build a home there with the intention of renting it out. You can have it rented while you’re still working, and just move in when you do decide to move back home.

You can also build a home and sell it together with the land. These are some of the ways your vacant lot can make you money.

TIP: If you have a vacant lot, you can also turn it into an apartment complex. Who knows? The passive income may soon be enough for you to move back home.

  • It’s your dream.
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Just like most Filipinos, it’s your dream to become a homeowner one day. If you have the opportunity to do it, do it.

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