Ultra-Bio Corporation Plant Office

Ultra-Bio Corporation is a trusted name when it comes to animal health and nutritional products. Known for their products’ top-notch quality, it has grown to be a nationally-recognized brand and is set to cater to the global market.

Its success has led to its expansion. It now has an office in Ibaan, Batangas, and we’re honored to be chosen to build the Ultra-Bio Corporation Plant Office.

Our client, Mr. and Mrs. C of Zipp Ventures Inc., tasked us to transform more or less 200 sqm into a productive office space. With the construction led by Project Architects/Designers Ar. Remwil Alega, Ar. Mariethel Garing-Matabang and Project Engr. John Paulo Matabang in collaboration with Interior Designers Mark Perez, IDr., Andres Valentino See, IDr., the space is now turned into this.

Highlights of this project include an office pool, meeting room, conference room, reception area, and male and female toilets. This project is in the construction phase and is set for turnover really soon.

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