Palomares-Sabili Mausoleum

G Cube Design + Build was commissioned to design a 126 sqm. 2-storey mausoleum for the late mother of Mrs. Bernadette Sabili. The design is very minimalist with the use of concrete, wood, glass and bricks. The 2nd floor overhangs to provide shade to the ground floor and to cater for a balcony on the 2nd floor. A kitchenette and toilet are also placed on the 2nd floor for the guests’ and other relatives’ comfort.

Benches and an area convertible to a room can also be spotted on the 2nd floor. On the roof deck are benches and plant boxes enveloping the perimeter of the building and an open area at the center.

A notable design feature is the façade where some of the walls have a cross shaped fixed glass inserted. The back of the residential niche also has this cross shaped glass behind it, letting natural light in at the ground floor. Benches are lined up beside the 4 residential niches at the ground floor. 

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