JN Pharmaceutical Office and Warehouse Building

Blame 80’s and 90s’ Pinoy movies.

When we think of warehouses – most of us have one thing in mind.

A rectangular cement structure that looks dull, dark, dusty, and depressing from the outside.

Yes, this type of warehouse is very cost-efficient. But if you’re going to consider employee morale, effect on company branding, and the likes, you’re better off with something simple but modern.

Something like the JN Pharmaceutical Office and Warehouse Building that we just designed.

No, it’s not a house, although you can probably imagine living in it. The client wanted something modern industrial. We complemented the dark and neutral colors with brute materials including steel, concrete, bricks, and wood.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Receiving area
  • Office for 3 pax on the ground floor
  • Desk for 2 for receiving of goods
  • Loading/unloading area
  • Airconditioned warehouse
  • Pantry for staff
  • Service area
  • Parking for delivery vans
  • 2-car parking for management and staff
  • Office for 2 people with receiving area for the management’s kids
  • Management office
  • Boss’ office with own toilet and receiving area
  • Open office for their staff of up to 8 people
  • Prayer room
  • Conference room
  • Airconditioned storage room

You can probably tell that we designed this office and warehouse building with their specific needs in mind. We wanted to maximize the space by thoughtfully designing it with the essentials.

Just like most growing companies, JN Pharmaceutical has outgrown its present space. We met with them so we can talk to them about their growing needs. We monitored how they operate. This is how we’re able to put together this efficient space that should lead to their staff working like a well-oiled machine.

We’ve also received amazing feedback from them, so we’re confident that this new design will boost their employee morale which will lead to increased productivity.

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