Burger Mania Soon to Open at The Outlets at Lipa

We here at G Cube Design and Build are fans of Burger Mania. Well, it seems like we’re not alone, as the brand has exploded in Lipa City as it’s now known for their gourmet and Beast Mode burgers. Lipenos have embraced Burger Mania and foodies from nearby towns took notice as well. This prompted its owners, Lelaii and Ace Garcia, to expand.

We are also fans of Lelaii’s advocacy of mental health education. Burger Mania is a burger restaurant that has an advocacy to raise mental health awareness and to erase the stigma in our society. Yes, she educates people about mental health through her burgers (like their Stigma Burgers), and it’s working really well.

They have since expanded to Batangas City with a new concept Burger Mania-To-Go. It was so well-received that they have expanded their Lipa branch to include this concept. Well, it seems that nothing is stopping their growth as they answer the clamor of Burger Mania fans for them to open more locations.

Next up is a new branch at the soon-to-open The Outlets at Lipa. The Outlets at Lipa is poised to become the biggest shopping destination in Luzon and yes, Burger Mania and Burger Mania-To-Go will be there to satisfy the burger cravings of shoppers.

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G Cube Design and Build is tasked with the designing and building of Burger Mania at The Outlets at Lipa. This 187.29 sqm. restaurant will be their biggest to date. It will feature a main dining area, waiting area, cashier counter, art corner, PWD-friendly toilet, open kitchen. It will also feature Burger Mania To-Go so you can grab your burger quickly and enjoy them on the go as you stroll around The Outlets at Lipa.

Here are the perspectives of Burger Mania at The Outlets at Lipa:

Just like you, we can’t wait for Burger Mania at The Outlets at Lipa!

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