A Modern-Industrial Home for a Young Entrepreneurial Couple

It’s really nice to see that a lot of young people are going into entrepreneurship. Obviously, it’s a risk. Well, all things that matter have associated risks anyway. But if you do it right, you will be rewarded.

Just like most couples, they dream of one day having their own home. This is why they worked hard. Now, this young entrepreneurial couple has been reaping the fruits of their entrepreneurial labor.

And they’re rewarding themselves with a modern-industrial home that they rightfully deserve.

Their dream house is to be built on their 400 sqm lot at the Mt Malarayat Gold and Residential Estates in Lipa City. We really had fun designing this house.

As you can see, it incorporated modern and industrial touches. Some people don’t really like a fully-industrial design. This is why we’ve added some modern touches.

The 3-car garage may have captured your attention, but we think that the infinity pool that we’ve incorporated is the best part of its exterior. It even has its own outdoor shower!

You know when you look at a home from the outside, you just know that it’s as beautiful, and maybe even better, on the inside?

This is the view from the living room.

We’d also like to highlight the dining and kitchen areas that have access to the infinity pool.

As for the rooms, we have the Master’s bedroom. It has its own toilet and bath and walk-in closet. We also have 2 more bedrooms, each one with its own toilet and bath. We’ve also added a guest room that has its own toilet and bath.

We here at G Cube love books, and we can’t help but smile when we’ve added a reading nook.

There’s also a family area that can serve as a gym and/or study area.

To fully maximize the 356 sqm of floor area, we’ve also added the following:

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Are you ready to turn your dream home into reality? Contact us today!

Lipa City Office: +6343 741 3808 | +6343 706 5685 | +63917 308 7592
Manila Office: +63977 834 6067

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