February 16, 2018

Practical Feng Shui Tips You can Apply for a Better, More Successful and Healthier Home this 2018

Kung Hei Fat Choi! We here at G Cube Design and Build would like to wish a prosperous 2018 to everyone!

In line with this, we’d like to provide some Feng Shui tips for a better, more successful and healthier home this 2018. These are basic tips and you don’t really have to go out of your way or spend a lot of money to implement them so there’s no harm in doing them! Who knows? They could give you wealth, well-being and fortune this 2018!

Follow these Tips

Consider and incorporate these tips for your home:

  • Invite positive energy in your main entrance.

The main entrance should be very prominent. You can do this by adding plants and beautiful lighting that will divert attention (and positive energy) into your home. Bookshelves placed near the main entrance can also invite positive energy. Just make sure that it doesn’t obstruct!

feng shui tips 2018

Speaking of obstruction, avoid placing obstructive trees that block your main entrance. When you stand inside your home and look out the main entrance, you should see a clear space.

Make sure that the main entrance is well-maintained as well.

  • Make your living room the center of your home.

feng shui 2018

In addition, your living room should be open to natural light and ventilation. This is why we recommend that you don’t fill it with too many furniture. Minimalism is the key! For the furniture that you’ll place in the living room, place them in the southern and western parts of your home so that sunlight will hit them all throughout the day.

  • Establish the kitchen away from the main entrance and the back door.

This is a very basic tip. In addition, make sure that empty spaces are filled. A good interior designer can help you out by suggesting the use of overhead cabinets or simply hooks. Besides, they’re good use of space!

feng shui for the kitchen

Also, don’t place your sink and stove across each other. You can place them beside each other so that water and fire will work together, rather than against each other.

  • Brighten the dining room.

Paintings across the wall can certainly brighten the dining room. So do plants. You should also encourage the flow of good energy via your dining table so avoid a dining table that’s square or rectangular.

  • Mirrors should never be placed across doors.

Mirrors reflect and bounce reflections and light. You know what else they bounce and reflect? Whatever good comes through your doors.

  • Your bed should be positioned properly.

The headboard should face the window. But don’t position it in such a way that you’ll have light directly above it as this will drain you of your energy. When lying down, you should be able to see the door.

  • Convert your bathroom into your own spa.

feng shui for the bathroom

This simply means that there should be a spa-like ambiance. It should be clean and free from clutter. It should be pleasing to your senses that you’ll actually enjoy being there. You can practice aromatherapy.

Also, always close the bathroom door. It’s also a hygienic tip!

  • Encourage natural light.

feng shui

This is why we use large windows in our designs. Natural light is good for ventilation and can make your home green. In addition, natural light can provide you with health benefits.

  • Inject color into your home.

feng shui for the living room

You can use art for your wall or plants. They can make your home look and feel happier.

Good Luck this Year of the Dog!

Are you ready to bring in some fortune and wealth into your home? May this New Year bring you good luck! Cheers from G Cube Design and Build!

If you want to build or renovate a home with Feng Shui taken into consideration, send us a message!

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