March 25, 2019

Philippine House Designs and Floor Plans for Small Houses that will Make You Feel that You’re Living in a Big House

A lot of Filipino families are living in a small and simple looking house. There will always be a big challenge when it comes to designing a house, especially here. Philippine house designs and floor plans for small houses will always present itself as a challenge.

floor plans for small houses

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That’s why we’re here to help you when it comes to such. Sure, it isn’t easy. But we can help you with these simple steps in order to make your relatively small house look like a great white mansion for you and your family.

Light is Right (and Spacious)

As a general rule of Color Theory, dark colors absorb light and light colors will bounce light back. Therefore, a lighter colored wall like light blue, off-white, or lime green will be a good choice of color in a small house since it makes it look larger than it already is.

house design for small houses

Therefore, considering our main topic, Philippine house design and floor plans for small houses will mostly revolve around lighter colored walls and furniture in order to deceive the eyes of the visitors and the people living in it as well.

Stripes Will Create an Illusion As Well

Incorporating striped rugs and cushion covers will be one of the factors of Philippine house designs and floor plans for small houses. It applies not only in clothing, but also in your future house as well.

Remembering the general rule of clothing that thin people should wear horizontal stripes in order to look like they have a bit more mass and the sizeable gentlemen should wear vertical stripes in order to look a little less fluffier, it will also be a given that houses should also be treated in the same method as well in order to create an illusion of space.

Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall, Who’s the Spaciest of them All?

Philippine house designs and floor plans for small houses

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Mirrors are a great way of making a small house space look larger than it really is. Putting Philippine house designs and floor plans for small houses into perspective, a large wall mirror should make the place look a bit larger and spacious as it will create the illusion of space in your small house.

Keep it Functional

A small A-framed house can seem like it’s a big house if it’s designed with function in mind. Check out the video below to see what we mean.

Open Spaces are Always Good

What is an open space when it comes to floor planning? Open space is defined as the lack or few uses of doors in a house design.  

architectural firms in manila

Taking Philippine house designs and floor plans for small houses in consideration, an open space in a small home will be the more logical approach in house design for small houses. With the lack of walls and doors, your eyes will be able to see more space. This gives the impression of a big open space.

Let’s Turn Your Big Dreams for a Small House into a Reality!

Making a house is never an easy task, especially when you’ve been given such a limited space to work with. But with our experience, we can turn that small space into something that will offer you an amazing quality of life. Get in touch with us today!

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