October 8, 2017

Life of a Woman Architect in the Philippines

1. Sedan? What sedan? You drive a big ass truck.

ford ranger

I drive a truck and I’m not afraid to use it.

2. Your big ass truck is also your second home.

back of ranger

Uhm, saan ako uupo?

3. You’re always told, “Siguro gandang ganda sayo mga construction workers mo.”

4. It’s been years since you’ve had a French tip.

french tip

Why bother?

5. You sometimes show up on dates with helmet hair, muddy pants and long sleeved shirt because you just came from a site visit.

6. Just as when you plan on getting serious with dating, a huge project comes up that takes up most of your time.

7. You regularly play with “Toys for the Big Boys”.


My second car is a payloader.

8. When you introduce yourself as an architect…

9. People sometimes assume that you’re the engineer or decorator, and not the architect.

10. You do your window shopping at Wilcon, not SM, and this is you when new stocks drop.

11. You always wear a cap because you have helmet hair 24/7.

helmet hair

Safety first even if it means having helmet hair 24/7.

12. People always assume that you need help moving around the job site.

13. On-site workers are surprised when you pick up a heavy sledgehammer with ease.

14. You’re always treated as one of the boys.

15. Regular facials are a must because ALL THAT DIRT!

16. When you sleep at night, you sleep soundly with the satisfaction that you’re making it in a male-dominated world.

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