January 18, 2021

It’s Cold these Days! Here’s Why Now’s the Perfect Time to Install Airconditioning Units

Air conditioners are at the back of the mind of a lot of people these days. We’re enjoying temperatures in the low 20s. Airconditioning units haven’t been turned on since last November. Even the electric fans are enjoying quite a rest.

Comforters are in. Air conditioners are out.

But should they be?

Living in a tropical country, air conditioners are almost a necessity. As much as we want this cold weather all throughout the year, we know that the hot summer months are just around the corner.

One moment you’re cuddling in bed under the comforter. Then you wake up to sweat because the weather turned warm.

Saying Goodbye to the Cool Weather

Experience will tell us that we’ll be enjoying the cool weather until the end of February. You can feel it getting warmer starting the month of March.

Should that be the time when you have airconditioning units installed? No, and we’ll tell you why.

Why Shouldn’t You Wait Until March

Here are some of the reasons why you should have them installed now:

  • It’s easier to book now.
frostlite lipa

Summer months are the busiest months of our partner – FROST LITE LIPA – Blue Gas Supply and Installation. Homeowners are scrambling to have units installed. Because of this, there will be a wait time. Waiting is something that you wouldn’t want to do when the temperature is already in the mid-30s.

  • You have a lot of choices now.

FROST LITE LIPA – Blue Gas Supply and Installation has good inventory right now. You can select from several models from several of the most trusted brands.

When March comes, you can bet that the best ones will be immediately taken. It’s either you’d have to settle for a brand that you didn’t want or wait for them to re-stock.

  • It’s cheaper now.

This applies to most industries. Lean months are when you can get the best deals. Understandably so, cold months are lean months for air conditioner installers and suppliers.

  • You don’t have to hurry.

You can study your options. You can think it over. You can wait a few days. There’s no real rush.

  • There are times when it’s warm.

There are days when it can get hot as well especially around noon. Yes, even during January. If you have ACs now, you don’t have to suffer.

  • You can be comfortable as soon as the summer hits.

You don’t have to suffer a couple of weeks of intense heat. As soon as it gets warm, you can turn on the AC.

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