October 31, 2017

Is Your House Haunted? Your House may be as Creepy as a Haunted House According to this List

Halloween season is here again, and you know what that means? Horror stories, movies, and scary costumes abound! One common theme in the horror movies is a haunted house. While paranormal activities are subject to much debate, let us tell you how your house can be ghoulish or creepy with or without spirits or ghosts lurking in and out of it. Watch out for these things that will make your house as creepy as a haunted house

Leaks on Sanitary Fixtures such as Lavatory, Kitchen Sink, Water Closet, etc.

You know in horror movies or stories there’s always a scene whereby there’s a leaky sanitary fixture? It comes in all forms and sizes – be it from the lavatory in the toilet, kitchen sink or water closet. Heck there’s even a very popular horror movie in the Philippines wherein one extraordinary creepy creature comes in and out of the toilet (Undin) and it can come in even the most primeval sanitary features such as a pottery (Halimaw sa Banga).

Halimaw sa Banga

What’s that noise?
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Leaks happen a lot in a normal household, and one cause of it is usage of its users. For example, if you frequently flush napkins, toilet papers, and the likes in your water closet, it is bound to get clogged. Same goes with kitchen sinks. If you normally drain every food or what’s left of your food into it then you will have a big problem with not only the sanitation, but also your plumbing system. Same principle applies in lavatories.

Leaky faucets are often caused by loose threading or pipes. Sometimes this happens due to wear and tear, and sometimes, again, it is in how we use it. Like a goose neck faucet, you do not swivel anyhow and anyway you would want. You have to be gentle in using those.

What most people do not realize is that all our sanitary and vent pipes are interconnected. So when one source of water or recipient of water is clogged, the rest will suffer. Best thing to do is to call your plumber or contractor right away if you are experiencing any mishap with these fixtures.

Faulty Doors and the Creaking Sound they Make

“Who’s there?” *trying to be brave*


Another hit in the horror scenes is the creaking doors and windows. This also happens often in aged houses. It is normal that a door or window gets faulty in time, but yet again, we can prevent this from happening if we use it correctly.

Do not swing them haphazardly. Swinging them way too much loosens the hinge! Forcing the door handle also is a big no-no for the same reason. If you want to dampen the sound of your door swinging, there’s plenty of ways of doing that. One is the classic use of a door stop and a door closer which automatically closes it in a much slower and gentler way.

If you see a faulty door or window, have it checked and rectified as soon as possible. Or else, your kid, wife or husband might even think that you have some unknown bad spirit living within your house or establishment.

Drips from the Air Conditioner Unit that Make the Facade Look Old and Creepy

wall stain

Not a good look.

photo credit: scottwills Abandoned Air Conditioner via photopin (license)

A leak or drops of water, when applied to concrete or wood, turns to molds or moss. Have you seen old abandoned houses, warehouses, commercial buildings, and hospitals lately? They have those molds and moss because no one is maintaining them. So be a good housekeeper of your own abode or hire a maintenance person to do this for you else you want people to think that your structure is abandoned or haunted. Of course again, in time these scenarios are inevitable, but surely you have some time to do something about it.

Tripping Lights


Stranger Things, anyone? I bet you are familiar with the flickering lights that one mom on the show is using to communicate with the missing boy. Flickering lights happen in real life when the electrical load of your house exceeds what your supply can take.

Do not automatically think there is something paranormal happening. Be responsible. Check if the bulb is busted and then replace it. It will save you all those sleepless nights thinking that there’s some ghost controlling your lights somewhere. Busted outlets should be checked and replaced as soon as possible. Light fixtures and electrical outlets are not to be taken lightly as it can cost your fortune once a fire breaks out or worse, it can cost lives.

Have an electrician or contractor check your house or establishment regularly for prevention and for solutions.

Creaking Wooden Floors

wood floor

Is, is is…anybody there?

photo credit: Momentchensammler Wood. Urban Style. via photopin (license)

Well this is also one popular scene in horror movies and is inevitable in old establishments or houses. This happens mostly because the integrity of the wood deteriorates in time. You can prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning or polishing them (depending on the wood type). Sometimes the issue also is the structural stability of where the wooden floor sits, so if you feel that something is amiss when you step on it, have it checked.

Haunted or Not, Proper Maintenance is Key

Whether you believe in the unknown or paranormal or not, one thing is for sure, you need to maintain the area you are living in for hygienic and peace of mind purposes. After all, who would want to stay in a place where almost everything is broken or unclean? The list is mostly house or building pet peeves as well.

Let us know how we can help you in the renovation of your establishment or ask us how we can help you in solving and maintaining it when you leave a comment below or send us a message in the contact us section of this site. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter via the form below!

Happy Halloween! Of course, let’s not forget to visit and pray for our deceased loved ones!

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