September 3, 2018

Interior Design Ideas for a Career but Family-Oriented Woman

You may not believe this, but there used to be a time when women should choose between family and career. They couldn’t do both. It’s either they stay at home to take care of the kids and the household or work and leave the household tasks to somebody else. While there are still cases wherein women nowadays have to choose, there’s now a very valid option to do both.

Women have to Work

There are several good reasons for women to work as well. There’s the practical side of it. Women can work, earn money, and contribute to the household’s income. With the rising prices nowadays, every household could use another source of income.

There’s also the fact that it’s empowering. This is not to say that staying at home isn’t empowering. It is. Being a stay at home mom is one of the toughest tasks there is out there. But there’s a different sense of empowerment when you get to build and establish a career. It feels good.

You can be a Career but Family-Oriented Woman

Who’s to say that you have to choose between the two? With the right interior design ideas, you can do both! You can build and establish a career, but still do your job well as a wife and/or mother. Can you imagine something more empowering than that?

Follow these Interior Design Tips

These interior design ideas should help you succeed in both tasks:

NOTE: These are just general ideas. For best results, talk to us so we can discuss your specific needs and preferences to come up with more specific interior design recommendations.

  • Have a home office.

You can be a working stay at home mom. There are countless of work-at-home opportunities that you can explore that will allow you to build and establish a career and earn money while at home. The best thing about this is you choose your availability. How many hours can you spare working at home? You can work anywhere from an hour to 8 hours a day depending on your availability and schedule. Work while the kids are at school!

Having a home office can also help limit overtimes in the office. You can do minor tasks in your home office instead of staying behind to finish them in the office.

Also, more and more companies are exploring the idea of having their employees work from home. This could be something to pitch to upper management at the next meeting.

Make sure that the home office is designed for productivity. Minimize distractions. Make sure that it’s away from the living areas. Feel free to explore based on your preferences! Go pink, if that’s what you want! That’s something you couldn’t do at the office!

  • Set aside a room for family entertainment.

It could be the living room or a separate entertainment room. How can this help? You can encourage your family to get together for some quality time when you’re home. Instead of each member of the family spending time in their own room browsing their phone, you can all be in the living room or entertainment room watching a movie and sharing pizza and stories.

It could be just a weekend thing. The important thing is you establish that routine.

A comfy couch is a must where you can just all sit down. Splurge on the latest in home entertainment. The quality time you’ll spend here will make it worth it.

As a bonus for productivity, having a separate room for entertainment minimizes the distractions in your home office.

  • Invest in the kitchen and dining room.

Bring the family together in the dining room by preparing healthy and delicious meals. It all starts with having a productive kitchen. The kitchen should help you prepare these meals quickly, so the kitchen design should be taken into consideration.

The size of the kitchen should be dependent on your household’s size. It’s also relative to the size of the house itself. A 10’ by 10’ kitchen is about average. Of course, this can be bigger if your budget allows.

Make sure that it has everything that you need. You probably don’t have the time to spend 2 hours slaving away in the kitchen for dinner.

Make sure that the kitchen design transitions well into the dining area. An open layout is nice. This way, your family can stay around and chat while you prepare the meals.

It’s also a good idea to have a kitchen island. It’s for those quick breakfasts where everyone can spend some time every morning to bond before you go on your separate ways.

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