July 15, 2018

Increase the Productivity in Your Workplace by 20% with these Tips

One of the problems that employers face in their office is lack of productivity and efficiency among their employees. Sure, work gets done, but not at the level of efficiency that you should expect if you want a productive and successful office. As an employer, you understand that efficiency and productivity are very important. These can lead to more work getting done which will lead to more profits. This means that the salaries you’re paying to employees are worth it.

This is why it’s very important that you really consider your office space. You can find space to rent and renovate or build your own.

G Cube Office

The G Cube Design + Build office.

Either way, you have to consider efficiency and productivity in the design. After all, office space is a huge investment whether you’re going to rent or build.

Layout of the Office

Make sure that employees can walk freely around the office without the need to pass through mazes of furniture and office equipment. This can save precious seconds and these can add up.

You may also want to place the printer, fax machines and similar noisy equipment away from the workstations. In addition to being noisy, this area is a magnet for gossip. If they’re near workstations, your employees may join in.

NOT a productive workspace. via GIPHY

Make sure that everything is within reach. Keep office supplies within reach. However, make sure that your office remains clutter-free. Clutter makes it harder for people to find anything, and can actually keep stress levels up.

Improve the Lighting of the Office

office lighting

A dark workplace is a moody one. Boost the morale, increase the energy levels and lower the stress levels by simply improving the lighting in your office. Use bright colors to flood your office space. With the boost in energy levels, watch as the productivity skyrockets.

Complement Good Lighting with Vibrant Colors

You incorporate colors in your home, right? You can also do the same with your office! Use bright colors in your furniture in the office. Allow your employees to personalize their workspace within reason.

Use Ergonomic Furniture

ergonomic chairs

You want the perfect balance between comfort and productivity. Furniture that’s too comfortable is an invitation for a snooze fest. At the very least, use adjustable chairs so your employees can sit properly (eyes 24 to 36 inches from the screen, feet flat on the floor, slightly reclined, etc.)

Ensure Proper Comfort

In addition to the furniture, you also have to make sure that your employees are comfortable, but not too comfortable. For starters, you might be tempted to put the AC on 18 degrees Celsius. Studies have shown that something warmer is better for productivity. Productivity is boosted at 21 degrees Celsius.

Have a Place where Employees can Work in Private

There are times when employees can’t seem to get work done. In a lot of cases, all they need is a private place where they can take their laptop to get some work done. This can be a small conference room.

You can also use this room as an impromptu relaxation space. Sometimes, a solid 5 minute rest away from it all can boost productivity.

You can also watch this video for inspiration!

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An office space is a massive investment. Make sure that you get amazing returns by boosting productivity. Contact us for a productive workspace today!

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