May 9, 2020

How to Treat Your Mom at Home while on Quarantine

In the past celebrations of Mother’s Day, kids would be bringing home their hand-made crafts from school, their older siblings would be pulling some surprise with cakes and a banner, or dads would be buying flowers or insisting on a family date outside.

But this year of 2020, everything is different because of COVID-19. This also means that the celebration of Mother’s Day may both look and feel different, too. However, this quarantine should not limit your ways to express your love and appreciation to the special woman who has always taken care of you and your home.

Moms need to feel appreciated or loved even though they do not say so. Luckily, we have listed below some treats that you can do for your mom, your grandma, or other special women in your life to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day while on quarantine.

Give mom the day off

Let Mother’s Day be a day for her to get more relaxed and recharged. She has always been on the go to do her duties, but let this day be her day off. She totally deserves it!

Clean the house

This is one of the best ways to put your mom in a good mood. She has always loved tidying up every corner of the house in a daily routine. Surprise her with taking the load off your mom this Mother’s Day, or even on the other days. Remember, a clean home makes a happy home and a happier mom.

Breakfast in bed

Try to make your mom feel like she has checked-in at a five-star hotel with a great, yummy breakfast recipe to brighten her day!

Get her flowers

You can still have this old-but-gold treat for mom even on this quarantine. Giving flowers is a great way to show your love and appreciation to your mom. You can either pick some from your home’s backyard or garden, have a quick drive to the store, or have it delivered.

Have a Spa Day at home

This at-home salon is next to the best thing. Your mom needs to get pampered and feel more beautiful, too, on her special day! Set out her favorite scented candles to make her start to feel relaxed, a moisturizing face mask, her favorite nail polish, and offer her favorite beverage. Make sure that her time to relax will not be disturbed by anything or anyone.

Make a greeting card

The idea of giving a card never gets old, too. If you used to write one when you were younger – with cute hearts on the side –, why don’t you try again this time? Surely, your mom would love to read your words of love and appreciation.

Have her favorite meal delivered

Instead of having her cooked the meals, there are a lot of food deliveries around the area. Maybe order the all-time-favorite three boxes of pizza, classic fried chicken in a bucket, or a different cuisine this time?

Start a movie night

Sit down and watch a few movies with the family. You might want some romantic comedies or dramas –it’s up to your mom’s preference! Just don’t forget to have some popcorn delivered with the meal earlier.

Whatever your treat will be on her special day, remember that you are doing it because you love her and truly appreciate her. G Cube wishes your mom a Happy Mother’s Day!

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