April 15, 2018

How to Find the Best Architectural Firms in Manila, Quezon City and NCR

With the trend of metro lifestyle, people have been acquiring properties in the metropolitan paradise of Manila. People who want to delve into the world of urban living have been acquiring land properties in Manila and nearby cities. With this comes the dream of building a home that fits into the metropolis atmosphere.  That is, without having to sacrifice the comfort of a cozy home living and the personal touch that makes one say “That’s my house!”

Designing and planning can be overwhelming, especially for first-time homeowners. They usually find themselves confused with design options mixed with building codes, zoning laws and so on.  This is where architectural firms in Manila can help you.

Check a List of Architectural Firms in Quezon City, Manila and NCR

Architects make sure that the visualization of your desired design comes into reality while making sure that the building of your house complies with the necessary rules and regulations.  They can also help you identify the overall style you want to implement and even advise you on how to make the most out of your construction budget.

Finding an architect among the list of architectural firms in Quezon City, Manila and nearby cities that works best with your ideas ensures the most cost efficient method for your house construction project. But how do you find an architect that would complete the dream team for your dream house project? We’ve got some tips on how to find the best architect that works for you.

How to Find the Best Architect that Works for You:

  • Determine the things you’ll expect from the architect.

Aside from the expertise and ideas, identify what you want to see from your architect. If you’re searching for someone who can make the most out of your space in the most interesting way, then choose from architectural firms in Manila whose strong asset is creativity.

architectural firms in manila

You can start your search with small architectural firms in the Philippines since they tend to exhibit more creativity.

If you’re encountering problems with planning permissions or zoning regulations, get an architect with a local presence. So for example you have a project in Quezon City, choose from a list of architectural firms in Quezon City.

  • Do your homework.

The internet is your friend. Search for architectural firms and read reviews about them if there’s any. You can also ask your friends or family if they know any good architects, especially to those who have just recently ventured into a house construction project. Another option is to browse for houses whose styles capture your interest, either from the magazine or from your neighborhood.

list of architectural firms in quezon city

When you’ve found a list of your preferred architects, check their portfolio. This will give you the idea about their work method, their design styles and how they manage to implement uniqueness with their every project. In this way, you can determine whose style works for you.

  • Interview the architects on your list and determine who has the most chemistry.

The interview is probably the most crucial part in choosing an architect. Since you’ll be working with the architect for a long time, make sure to go with someone whose chemistry is right – that is, someone you feel comfortable exchanging ideas and suggestions with each other. This is one of the benefits of dealing with small architectural firms in the Philippines. It’s less intimidating.

small architectural firms in the philippines

During the interview process, you can also determine which one values your interests and preferences more than the money matters. A good architect will discuss the whole design and construction process with you from the initial pre-design meetings until the final step of construction.

  • Converse the money talks.

Don’t hesitate to talk about your budget with the architect of your choice. In this way, the architect will have an idea of how to make the plans and designs according to your financial capacity. You can also determine the range of fees that the architect would expect for your project.

  • A passion for eco-friendly design is a big plus.

We’re no strangers to the fact that NCR is exposed to pollution. To make sure that you still enjoy a cozy living in Manila, go for a house design that is eco-inspired. Choose from architectural firms in Manila that have exhibited expertise when it comes to green homes.

This is to ensure that your house design stays as modern as it can be while enjoying an environmentally sensitive atmosphere.

  • Find someone who can maximize limited space.

architectural firms in manila

Lots are expensive in NCR so most people don’t have a huge lot to work with. With the help of an experienced architect, you can maximize that space!

Come Talk to Us!

We’re among the small architectural firms in the Philippines that you can talk to. Feel free to be yourself. We’re here to listen. That’s the first step towards turning that dream house project into reality.

Our main office is in Lipa City but you can also find us on the list of architectural firms in Quezon City since we also have an office in Quezon City. We can be your trusted architect in Manila, Quezon City, and NCR in general.

Contact G Cube Design and Build Inc. for your architectural needs. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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