September 8, 2017

House Design Philippines: Top Things to Consider

Blame it on reality TV and Hollywood. A lot of Filipinos would like a house design that’s not really suited for the conditions in our country. A good architect will recommend a good house design Philippines – one that is suited for the conditions of our country.

Things to Consider for a Philippines House Design

Here are the top things to consider when coming up with a house design in Philippines:

  • Climate

We live in a tropical country. This means that you have to consider the humidity when it comes to your house design Philippines. If you don’t consider our country’s tropical environment, you’d have to worry about discomfort for you, your family and your guests. Worse, it can lead to high electricity bills because of air conditioner usage.

A good architect will consider the country’s humidity when coming up with a design. This means that the 26.6 °C average year-round temperature of the country will be taken into consideration so the design should consider how and when sunlight hits the property and the flow of breeze.

The country also gets a lot of rainfall especially during the rainy season from June to October. Obviously, this should be considered in the design and choice of materials.

  • Culture

It’s in our culture to encourage guests and extended family members to visit our home and even stay for the weekend. This is why more and more Filipinos are putting a guest room in their home’s design.

We also love to party so take that into consideration when it comes to plotting your living area. If you’re a fan of hosting parties, you may want a living area that appears bigger than it really is, and a good architect can help.

For starters, you can have a living room that flows naturally with your dining and kitchen areas. This way, you can showcase your beautiful kitchen to your guests, and it gives the appearance of a bigger space.

house design Philippines

Ready for a party or a simple get-together with family.

Of course, we are a family-oriented race. This is why a good house design Philippines should encourage more family time. This means having beautiful and interactive living areas that will encourage your family members to put down their gadgets so you can spend quality time together.

  • Allowance for extension

Again, we are a family-oriented race, and it’s in our nature to have a big family. The country’s population growth of 1.562% in 2015 is proof of this.

house design in Philippines

Ready for a growing family.

It’s also not unusual for the children to stay in their parents’ home until they get married. Sometimes for practical reasons, the children stay in their parents’ home even after getting married. This is why when coming up with a house design in Philippines, there should be an allowance for extension – whether outwards or upwards.

  • Quality

Of course, the quality of the home should be considered. It’s in the nature of most Filipinos to stay in a single home for the rest of their life, especially if they made a significant financial and emotional investment in that home. This is why you should hire an experienced architect that can build a quality home that can last a really long time – a home that can withstand the normal wear and tear and the extreme weather conditions we normally face.

With the Filipinos’ life expectancy of 68.41 years based on 2015 figures, you should have a home that can last a long time. Hire a good architect and have a good Philippines house design and your home can even outlast you.

Get your House Design in Philippines Today!

These are just some of the most important things to consider when coming up with a house design Philippines but you can already see why you should hire a good and experienced architect. Get in touch with us today so we can show you a good house design in Philippines so you can have a home that you deserve.

One Comment on “House Design Philippines: Top Things to Consider

lou gaboy
September 16, 2017 at 9:37 am

Please consider also aging and retirement of prospective house owners. These will affect location of comfort rooms, stairs and living area. Older people will not need two-story houses, but will need relatively level floor for easy movement of wheelchairs and for faster evacuation in emergencies.


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