November 29, 2020

Here’s Why having a Smart Home should be Your 2021 Goal

We live in a smart world. You just have to feel what’s in your pocket to know that. Most people have smartphones nowadays, among other smart gadgets. When we look for gadgets and appliances, we look for smart features that can make our life easier.

We’ve all benefited from these smartphones and other smart devices. Now, imagine living in a smart home.

Benefits of a Smart Home

These benefits should convince you to make the switch:

  • It makes your home more secure.

Ask yourself this question – how many keys do you have for your main doors? Have you kept track of where they all are and who has access?

A smart door lock gives you full access. Just like your Facebook password, you can set and change passwords to make your locks more secure. You can even keep track of door access.

  • It’s more convenient.
smart homes

How many times did you have to go home just because a visiting friend or relative needs to go inside your home but they don’t have a key? That won’t be a problem anymore. You can simply use the app to open the door or just grant them a temporary password with a set expiration date.

It’s not just door locks. Operating lighting fixtures are also made more convenient.

  • Smart homes are flexible homes.

Just like the apps that you’re already using, you can set settings according to your preferences. For example, you can set a time wherein you want the curtains to open. Set it every day at say like 6 AM so you can wake up to the sunlight.

  • It’s more accessible.

You don’t need to fumble for keys anymore. You don’t have to blindly look for switches. You always have your smartphone on your person anyway and that’s all you need.

  • It’s more modern.

Most homeowners go for the modern appeal. This is why we invest on modern home designs and modern appliances. Have a smart home with modern features.

  • It can help you save money.

This is where you can get returns on your investment. Take advantage of the Smart Switch feature to set timers and maximize energy savings.

Speaking of returns on your investment, investing in smart home features will increase your home’s resale value as well.

Smart Homes Made More Affordable

There’s a common misconception that smart homes are reserved for the Tony Stark’s of the world. That may be the case before, but nowadays, you can have your own smart home thanks to companies like Smart Home Philippines that aim to offer affordable smart home solutions.

Smart Homes Made More Accessible

We here at G Cube Design and Build recognize the benefits of smart homes. Based on our clients’ feedback, they don’t really know how they can have one. This is why we decided to partner with Smart Home Philippines so we can cater to homeowners’ demands for these smart solutions.

With this partnership, smart homes are now more affordable and accessible.

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