March 16, 2018

Get a 3 Storey House Design that’s Worthy of Your Investment

Not a lot of homeowners go for a 3 storey house design. It’s not for everyone. Most potential homeowners don’t even consider 3 storey house plans because they know that they won’t be able to afford one. That’s okay. It is indeed a significant amount of investment and with all things considered, is more expensive than bungalow and 2 storey house designs.

In addition, most Filipino homeowners don’t have use for a 3 storey house. It’s too big for them. Most families can be comfortable in a 2 storey house especially when it’s designed by a good architect and constructed by an experienced contractor.

3 Storey House Plans: Who can Benefit from them?

You’re probably not surprised to know that there are people looking for a 3 storey house design. You’re reading this article because you’re considering it. Is it the one for you? Generally speaking, you can benefit from a 3 storey house if any of these apply to you:

• You are a big family.

This is especially true if your kids now require a room on their own. A bigger family requires more toilets and baths, so that’s another consideration. A bigger family also requires bigger living areas.

• You have a small lot.

If you have a small lot – something less than 200 square meters – it can be a challenge to come up with a bungalow or even 2 storey house that can fit your family. There are 3 storey house plans that can work on smaller lots.

• You have a lot of extra needs.

Maybe you work at home a lot. Having a home office can really boost your productivity. You can also set up a home gym if you’re a fitness buff. That can save you on gym membership. How about an entertainment room that can really put your family together?

• You plan on growing your family.

When investing on a home, it’s a good idea to think ahead.

Invest Wisely by Following these Tips

Make sure that you get amazing returns on your investment by following these tips:

• Consider separation of spaces.

You actually have a very unique opportunity of enjoying amazing separation of spaces. A good and proven way to do it is to have it designed in such a way that the first level has all the living areas (living room, kitchen and dining). The second level will house the bedrooms including a guest bedroom and the additional rooms based on your extra needs. Last but not the least, the third level will house your master bedroom. Sounds luxurious, isn’t it?

• Put an outdoor living space on each level.

Imagine waking up in your master bedroom at the third level and greeting the world a good morning on your outdoor living space at the same level while drinking your morning coffee. This is also very helpful if you’re considering a 3 storey house design because of a small or narrow lot. Basically, you’re expanding your outdoor living space.

An experienced architect can do it in such a way that each level will have a different outdoor living space like a patio, lanai or a deck.

• How about an attic?

Most Filipino homes don’t have an attic. An attic can serve you in so many ways. It can be a more affordable third level but can prove to be very useful. You can use it to store things that you don’t need all the time. An attic can even be converted into a more useful space like a small bedroom or an office.

• Focus on livability.

Choose from 3 storey house plans that focus on livability. Make the most out of your investment by ensuring that it improves the quality of your life. Consider your family’s needs and wants and your architect will create a 3 storey house design based on them.

You can also consider an open area for the ground level. This creates an impression that it’s bigger than it really is.

• Consider your entertainment.

You may not know this yet, but your 3 storey home can save you a lot of money on entertainment. No more expensive movie nights because you can simply enjoy movies in your entertainment room. No more expensive dining out because your expansive living areas (kitchen, dining and living rooms) can play host to sumptuous meals enjoyed by the whole family. You can even let go of that expensive gym membership if you can set up a home gym!

By following these tips, you can surely maximize your investment on a 3 storey house design. But don’t worry. You can still enjoy a high quality of life with a 2 storey house design! How about a 2 storey house with a roof deck?

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