March 10, 2018

Get a 2 Storey House Design to Improve Your Quality of Life

For a lot of Filipinos, a bungalow house design will suffice. This is especially true for small families. But let’s face it. Being Filipinos, we are usually a part of a big household. In addition to our immediate family, we also have extended family living with us.

bungalow house design

That’s okay. After all, family is L-O-V-E.

What’s not okay is if you’re a big family living in a home that’s designed for a small family. While a good architect/planner can maximize space to its full efficiency, in most cases, a 2 storey house design makes the most sense for a medium sized family.

Why Get a Two Story House Design

Here are some of the benefits of 2 storey house plans:

  • You can maximize the land area.

Let’s say that you have a 200 square meter land. That should be more than enough for a bungalow for a small family. But if you have a big family, you need something bigger. You obviously can’t build past your property, and buying the land beside yours is usually not an option.

2 storey house design

At this point, your best option is to contact a 2 storey house design Philippines company like G Cube Design + Build Inc. Since we specialize on 2 storey house plans Philippines, we know exactly what you need and want.

  • You can add rooms you normally wouldn’t be able to fit in a bungalow.

Does your family enjoy movie nights? Why not have an entertainment area? Do you work from home? Set up an office! If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you can even have your own home gym.

You can even add an extra bathroom so you don’t have to wait half an hour for your kids to finish bathing!

  • You can improve the quality of your life.

The quality of your life will suffer if you’re living in a cramped home. This is why you need to live in a home that’s perfectly sized for you. In addition, adding rooms like the ones listed above can drastically improve the quality of your life.

With these benefits, a 2 storey house design can really benefit you and your whole family. Of course, this is provided that you take some important things into consideration.

A 2 Storey House Design Philippines that Works

Make sure to consider the following for your 2 storey house design:

  • How many are you in the family?

This can help your contractor come up with 2 storey house plans that will fit your family’s needs. This will help determine how many bedrooms you need, how big of a kitchen and living room is required, how many bathrooms are needed and the likes.

  • What is your budget?

There’s a common misconception that 2 storey house plans Philippines are expensive. It can be if you’re going to hire a non-flexible 2 storey house design Philippines. A good architect should be ready with a two story house design for every budget. A good contractor can also make a cost-efficient simple 2 storey house design.

  • Ready to go green?

You will feel the benefits of a 2 storey house design as soon as you lay your eyes on it for the first time. By going green (sustainable design), you will still feel its benefits even years from now. Going green allows you to save on energy expenses.

2 storey house design philippines

Besides, going green will also improve the quality of your life. Imagine living in a home with plenty of natural light and ventilation. You will also feel good knowing that you’re contributing to the welfare of the environment.

  • Get a modern design.
two story house design

Even a simple 2 storey house design will stand out because it’s big and tall. Make sure that it stands out, rather than stick out like a sore thumb, by choosing from modern 2 storey house plans.

Are You Ready to Check Out 2 Storey House Plans Philippines?

G Cube Design and Build specializes on 2 storey house plans Philippines or even higher floors. We can help turn your dream 2 storey house design into reality. Get in touch with us!

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April 4, 2018 at 3:06 pm

It would be good if the design considers the Philippine climate which is hot and humid.


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