March 24, 2018

G Cube Design and Build on its Way to Digitizing the Built Environment of the Philippines

G Cube Design and Build takes pride on always staying up to date and innovative. It has been estimated that in 3 years, Autocad will be made obsolete. Looking ahead, G Cube Design and Build sent its Managing Director/Principal Architect Mariethel Garing and Managing Partner Architect Mildred Kay Gascon to attend the 5 day BIM (Building Information Modelling) Architectural Modeler training to update their skillset and expertise so they can transition from Autocad to Revit with the BIM process.

G Cube Architects

The BIM Process has been heavily in use in the US, Europe, Australia and Singapore. Both Ar. Garing and Ar. Gascon have significant experience in Singapore, and they’re looking to provide the same benefits that clients in these countries have been getting to our clients here in the Philippines.

Building Information Modelling

With this update, stakeholders and clients can expect the following benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Schedule reduction
  • Easier design comprehension
  • On-site issue mitigation
  • Critical decision aid

The Philippines is positioning itself as the ASEAN training ground of BIM. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this development!

BIM Architectural Modeler training

Simply put, BIM is a game-changing process that we’ve equipped G Cube Design and Build with. We can’t wait to apply it to you – our stakeholders and clients!

G Cube Design and Build

Contact us today with your project details so we can tell you how this development can benefit you!

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