August 25, 2020

Designing and Building for COVID19: What Should be The Norm for New Homes and Commercial Projects?

It goes without saying that COVID19 has severely affected how we live. We’re changing the way we do things. Industries are being turned upside-down, inside-out. We really have no choice. If we are to survive and thrive during and after this pandemic, we have to adjust.

The industry of design and build is not an exception. We are changing how we do business, for the sake of our company and for our clients as well.

We here at G Cube Design and Build have to adapt, and adapt we did. In fact, we’ve been busy amidst the pandemic. This is thanks to the trust our clients have given us. It’s because of the expertise we’ve shown in the past and the adjustments we put in place to keep us productive and efficient amidst COVID19.

As a productive company amidst the pandemic, here are what we believe constitute The New Normal in the industry.

Fewer Face to Face Meetings

It’s understandable that several meetings are usually held before the dotted line is signed. In the past, we meet potential clients in their home, at a coffee shop, or at our office. Understandably, most of our meetings nowadays are done online. We see this as the norm even once the pandemic is over. After all, they’ve been proven to be very effective if done right.

Open Air Designs

A lot of our clients want this incorporated in their design. They want lots of wide windows to attract natural sunlight and air. This helps improve the air circulation. This can help the health of families.

In fact, this can also be the norm with commercial projects. More open air will be incorporated. We believe that even big projects like malls and commercial complexes will incorporate more open-air layouts.

Home Offices

Imagine when you had to switch to a work from home setup and you’ve encountered a lot of difficulties? It’s because most homes are not ready for this setup. A lot of our clients understand this and this is why they’re incorporating a home office in their design.

ICYMI: Here are tips to remain productive at home.

A lot of companies are also recognizing the benefits of this setup. This is why we believe that a lot of these companies will switch to a work from home setup, at least partially.

Family Areas

Families will go out less. Yes, even after the pandemic. A lot of families understand that they can actually spend quality time at home. They don’t need to go to the mall to have fun with their family. This is why they’ll improve their family areas like living room, family room, kitchen, dining, and the likes.

Home and Office Gyms

Experts will tell you that exercise can help combat COVID19. This can help boost your immune system. Forward-thinking families and business owners will incorporate a gym or at least an exercise area in their home or commercial building.

Let’s Talk!

We are all adjusting on the fly, but life goes on. You can get started on your project today. Let’s talk!



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