October 19, 2020

Commercial Projects Design and Building Tips to Ensure Safety Amidst Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic surely hit everyone bad. Businesses are hit particularly hard, with their overhead expenses, employees, inventory, and the likes.

A lot of people halted their commercial projects. It’s easy to see why this is the case. It’s a big investment. But fortunately, we’re seeing more and more businesses slowly but surely recovering from the ill effects of the pandemic.

A lot of them are not just surviving, but even thriving amidst the challenges they’re faced with. It’s understandable why they want to do so. They have a business to run. With it, they have a lot of people depending on them.

Is it time for you to push through with your commercial project? It’s a risk. It always is. But it can be a calculated risk that can pay off dividends if done right. There’s a good chance that your planned commercial project will play a huge role in your business. That’s why you planned it, right?

You just have to hire a good architect to design and build it in a way that it can ensure everyone’s safety amidst Covid-19.

Incorporate Social Distancing in Your Design

Social distancing has been key in our fight amidst this pandemic. Designing a restaurant? Make sure that tables are distanced properly to make social distancing easier. Make sure you can easily manage the flow of people so they won’t be bumping into each other.

A good architect can easily do this and even make provisions to add more tables in the future when *fingers crossed* everything is back to normal.

Make Use of Wide-open Spaces

In the past, a lot of business owners will maximize the use of spaces for more profit potential. Nowadays, we’ve experienced the benefits of wide-open spaces. Social distancing is made easier. People can feel safer.

What we recommend is a design with wide-open spaces that can help you maximize your profit by attracting people into your business. There’s no point in having a design that’s supposedly maximized for profit but no one wants to go into your place of business because they don’t feel safe.

Take Advantage of the Open Air

Building a restaurant? Have an outdoor dining space! It can help free up the dining area. Diners will also feel safe amidst the open air.

Use Easy-to-clean Materials

Frequent cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection are necessary. Well they’re necessary before, but they’re more necessary now. Some materials are harder to clean than others, so take that into consideration.

Take Advantage of a Flexible Design

We don’t really know what the future holds. Having a flexible design that you can easily renovate depending on what the future brings can help you protect your investment and of course, the people inside of it.

Incorporate Technology into the Design

More and more businesses rely on technology these days. Offices are operating on a skeletal workforce, with some of their employees working from home. A good smart office can remain productive with the help of technology intelligently incorporated into the design.

Ensure a Relaxing Design

Mental health is severely affected. Make sure that your design helps improve the morale and mental health of your employees. A relaxing design helps.

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