January 13, 2022

27 Trends that Millennials Love

Trends come and go, whether it be for fashion, beauty, or even home decor! After COVID hit, Filipino millennials, i.e., roughly, people born between 1977 and 1995, became the main force behind the growth in housing purchases within the last two years. According to The Inquirer, this can be attributed to the desire to have a personal living space. 

With so many millennials buying houses, what could they be looking for design-wise? Here are a few tips and trends that we’ve noticed:

  1. Have a dedicated WFH area since a lot of millennials are freelancers or are able to work remotely.
  2. It has to be aesthetic so that millenials can have a beautiful place for virtual meetings or to create content for their social media accounts.
  3. DIY-ing it! Furniture can be costly so some may opt to DIY their own pieces by buying used/using what they already have and remixing it.
  4. More focus on minimalism since it’s easy to maintain and has less clutter. 
  5. In contrast, going all out with the detail and using intricate wallpaper that’s layered with textured frames.
  6. Eclectic designs painted on the wall. Some millennials choose to spice up their interiors and want to stray away from the empty white walls.
  7. A push towards sustainability. A greater number of millennials are choosing eco-friendly and organic products to use in their homes.
  8. Have plants… maybe a lot of plants.
  9. Have a home gym. It’s safer than going out during COVID and it’s more convenient.
  10. Have smart appliances like locks and lights that make it easier to maintain the home.
  11. Millennials like to “borrow” things from their parents’ house to use in their own home.
  12. Have sliding barn doors. These doors are great for small spaces versus their conventional counterparts.
  13. Have at least one gallery wall. Why take great photos if they aren’t going to be displayed anywhere?
  14. Windows. Lots of them. Natural sunlight promotes good mental health (and it’s also good for all those plants).
  15. Install granite countertops in the kitchen. 
  16. Have concrete flooring for a rustic look.
  17. Opt for floating staircases instead of traditional ones to create the illusion of space.
  18. Use subway tiles as wall accents.
  19. Have marble accents for a subtle touch of sophistication.
  20. In line with sustainability, choose earthier tones to mimic a natural and calming environment.
  21. Have a cheeky doormat that shows what kind of people the homeowners are.
  22. Repurpose bar carts and use them as shelving/storage.
  23. Have functional mirrors and decor mirrors.
  24. Have at least one random item that doesn’t match any of the decor.
  25. Have multiple unlit candles scattered throughout the house for both the smell and as decor.
  26. Have metallic accents for an easy modern look.
  27. Since a lot of millennials have turned to streaming services, it’s important to have a couch that’s comfortable enough to sleep in since it’ll basically become the second bed.

Are any of these trends hit or miss for you? How many of these do you have or are planning to have in your home?

We’d like to hear about them! Get in touch with us today!



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