June 15, 2020

As a Dad, You will Love it if You’ll Incorporate these Tips in Your House Design

Are you a dad who likes the idea of designing your house according to what you love to do? Indeed, deciding on a house design would be challenging because it will shape your lifestyle. It requires big investments when renovating or building. With that, it is best to decide every essential thing carefully!

The important questions to ask from the start: Which house design style do you love the most? What do you want to achieve?

To help you get started with building ideas, we’ve rounded up the best house design tips for every dad! 

For the Foodie Dad
If you are a Foodie Dad, we both know the place in the house that comes first to mind – KITCHEN! A Foodie Dad needs to consider having a spacious kitchen in the house and it also must be styled to be beautiful and functional as many of our home activities are done here, such as cooking, cleaning, drinking, eating, and conversing.

Consider the following kitchen elements:

  • Storage space
  • Good lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Sorting bins

Oh, and a backyard barbecue area will help!

For the Gamer Dad
Yes, the living room is a good place to chill but if you are a Gamer Dad, you should have a room for entertainment as a place for both relaxation and fun! This room should have a flexible design, but if you are lacking in budget, it does not necessarily have to be bigger than what you think.

Consider the following entertainment or game room elements:

  • Seating area
  • Table for specific activities you love (board games, football table, play station, etc.)
  • Appropriate lighting to highlight the main features

Tip in designing your entertainment room: Specify what you want. Ask yourself these questions before you start designing: Should this be a visual entertainment room? Is it only for gaming and watching movies? In what way do I want my family, myself, and my guests to unwind in this room?

For the Workaholic Dad
Work is best and conveniently done when you are in an organized place, right? If you are a Workaholic Dad, you should have an office room built within your house! Having this space dedicated for work can help you focus and set aside household distractions. We know that thinking of this idea may actually make you sit down and accomplish your to-do-list.

Consider the following office room elements:

  • Right location away from distractions
  • Ultra-comfortable chair and desk
  • Storage and shelves
  • Natural lighting
  • Green workspace

Tip in designing your office room: Do not get too cozy. Sure, make your workspace comfortable but not too much to the point that your space will invite you to take a nap.

For every dad

Why not having a Man Cave perfect for you? This could be a space that represents you and your likes. This could show your love for sports, antics, or maybe movies! Simple tip: If you are planning to build your own man cave, it should still be inviting and well-planned.

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