June 29, 2021

Another Positive Feedback! This Time, from a Repeat Client

We’re really happy whenever a past client taps us for another project. It means they were satisfied with the first project and they’re willing to trust us with another one.

We designed and built a house last 2018. Fast forward to today and they contacted us to repurpose their rooftop and turn it into a kennel.

You see, their family is into breeding bullies. In fact, their bullies are highly sought after among bully owners. They wanted the best for their bullies so they tapped the name they know they can trust.

G Cube Design and Build.

Say hello to Rooftop Bullies!

Here’s their feedback.

Yes, we take pride in our professionalism. We believe that people hire a professional architect and contractor because they are expecting a professional to do things professionally. Of course, they expect professional results.

It may seem like a simple project but we’re happy that they hired a professional to do it. A lot of things have to be considered when doing a project like this – mainly if the present foundation can support such a project.

Looking forward to our next project with them! For now, let’s enjoy this cute picture of their bullies!

You can check out their page for more details about them.

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