June 9, 2018

A Modern Family of 4? Here’s a Good 2 Storey House Design for You!

A modern family of 4 is very common nowadays. Both the husband and wife are working, but they still know how to have fun with their kids. The children are in their teens and they like to play online games with their dad. When they get the chance, they like to swim and bask in the sun as a family on weekends. Even as a working mom, the mom still finds time to cook special meals that they can enjoy as a family.

Sounds familiar? There’s a good chance that we just described your family. In this case, we have the perfect 2 storey house design for you.

Anything Else to Consider for Modern House Designs and Floor Plans Philippines?

Site analysis is very important for effective modern house designs and floor plans Philippines. You have to consider where the wind is coming from. You also have to consider the amount of rainfall that your area gets. Generally speaking, you have to consider the average weather. This way, you can have a green two story house design that takes advantage of all these.

If you’re in Lipa or nearby areas, here are the details that you have to consider for your 2 storey house plans Philippines.

average rain fall in Lipa 2 storey house plans Philippines modern house designs and floor plans philippines

You can also check out this blog post for other things to consider for a Filipino home.

With these things in mind, a modern family can also benefit from tropical 2 storey house plans.

A Tropical Two Story House Design for a Modern Family of 4

Experience the best of both worlds by having this as your home.

2 storey house plans

Our design goals in this design are to maximize passive cooling and to have provisions for a 2 storey house design Philippines that is tailor fit for a modern family of 4.

As you can see, it’s designed in such a way that you get to relax and enjoy the tropical weather. In this design and for similar 2 storey house plans Philippines, we have implemented the following passive cooling techniques:

  • Evaporative cooling
  • Cross ventilation
  • Stack effect
  • High ceiling

We also used passive cooling building construction materials and design:

  • Natural stone in earth tone color
  • Use of impact resistant windows
  • Use of decorative concrete blocks
  • Use of 2 meter canopies at west facing walls
  • Provision for 3 meter roof eaves at west facing walls
  • Use of bris de soleil or louvers covering west facing walls at 2nd floor

Here’s another look at the 2 storey house design so you can get a better look.

2 storey house design

Of course, we also have to consider the needs and wants of a modern Filipino family. Here are the floor plans of this 2 storey house design Philippines.

two story house designtwo story house design

As you can see, we have included a pool so your family can swim and bask in the sun without having to leave your home. There’s also a BBQ area for that tropical feeling of being in the beach and enjoying a barbecue. This area is perfect if you love to host parties. We’ve even included a toilet that can be accessed from this area. Accessibility is also not a concern with a ramp that leads to the veranda.

On normal days, you can still enjoy your meals indoors. 2 storey house plans Philippines should include a nice kitchen and on this design, we even included a dirty kitchen. There’s even a separate pantry.

A Filipino family, even a modern one, will not think twice about having family or friends overnight. This is why we’ve included a guest room complete with a bathroom.

Of course, the family can retreat to their rooms in the second floor and enjoy the cool winds thanks to passive cooling techniques we’ve highlighted above. We also placed a lounge where the family can just sit back, relax and spend some quality time together.

Contact Us for More Details!

We’d love to talk to you more about this 2 storey house design. We also have 2 storey house plans Philippines for smaller or bigger families. We can also talk about your specific needs and wants so we can come up with perfect 2 storey house plans for you. Contact us today!

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