September 24, 2018

A House Design that Takes the Elderlies and PWDs into Consideration

Filipinos are known for a lot of things, one of which is our love for the elderly. While the elderlies of other countries usually have to move in to an assisted-living facility, it’s not the case here in the Philippines. We take care of our parents for as long as we can, and this usually means having them live with us during their glory years.

There’s also the issue of some families with a person with disability or PWD living among them. Again, having them live with us and taking care of them are proof that we love our family and we’d do anything to make sure that they live comfortably.

The question is, how comfortable are they in your home, really? How’s the quality of their life? These are important considerations because you’d want to make sure that their quality of living is high – even higher than it used to be. This is because they have special needs that need taken care of.

Besides, sooner or later, you too will grow old, if you haven’t done so already. This means that even the simplest of tasks will prove to be challenging every single day. This is why it’s also in your best interest that your home is comfortable for the elderlies and PWDs.

A House Design that the Elderlies and PWDs will be Comfortable in

First of all, talk to your chosen Batangas contractor and let them know that there’ll be elderlies or PWDs that will live in the home that you want built. A good architect and contractor will put together a house design that will make “aging in place” not only a reality, but a joy. Here are some techniques that a good architect and contractor will do for this:

  • Install bigger doors.

2 storey house design

At the very least, make sure that a wheelchair can be wheeled in easily. This is a very basic tip that should be performed so that a PWD can enter the home comfortably. It’s not just for the main door. Make sure that they can enter all doors easily and comfortably, especially in the bathroom.

  • Design bigger hallways.

entertainment room

Again, this is to help people in a wheelchair. They should be able to pass by hallways without bumping into the walls. If you have the space for it, make sure that people can also pass by even with a PWD in a wheelchair passing through.

  • Embrace an open house design.

This is to make it easier for the elderlies and PWDs to move around. An open house has fewer walls and corners, so it’s very easy for them to maneuver around.

list of architectural firms in quezon city

This will also enable them to be productive. They can still help around the house since they can easily move around. They can even help in the kitchen or dining area. Most of them still want to help out. Help them help you.

  • Use ramps wherever necessary.

There should be one leading to the main door. It’s not just for people in a wheelchair. Sometimes, the elderlies find it easier to go up a ramp than a flight of stairs.

  • Go bungalow.

home renovation

Speaking of stairs, it makes perfect sense to just go for a bungalow house design. This way, elderlies and PWDs don’t have to go up a flight of stairs, which can prove to be almost impossible for them. A good architect can design a good bungalow house design for you.

What if you really have to have a two storey house design or a three storey home? Make sure that their room is at the ground level so they don’t have to go up. This also allows them to be near the living areas.

  • Install safety features.

These include handles, railings, non-slip mats and the likes.

  • Consider their specific needs.

Different elderlies and PWDs have different needs. Consider them and tell us about them.

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