April 6, 2021

A Contemporary Family Farmhouse that Embodies Simplicity

As architects and contractors, we’re always excited whenever there’s a new project. There are plenty of reasons why but for this article, we’d like to talk about the excitement that we feel for the challenges that every new project brings.

You see, every project presents its unique set of challenges. Every client has a unique set of needs and wants. While they may share some needs and wants with past clients, overall, every project is different.

This gives us a chance to wow our clients as we meet, and even exceed, their expectations.

For example, our latest project is for a 750 sqm lot. Just like a lot of our other clients, they don’t want to utilize the whole space for the house. They want to retain a huge part of the space for their front and back yards.

Another similarity that they have as far as needs and wants go, they also wanted a house design that naturally attracts wind. We call this passive cooling. We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from past clients that they still feel cool mid-day because of how we’ve designed their homes. They’re saving a lot on electricity, too!

Now, on to the exciting part – the more specific (and unique) client requests.

A Simple but Not Too Plain Design

The clients wanted a simple design because they didn’t want a home that stands out too much that it attracts bad elements. Of course, they didn’t want something that’s too plain.

So it should be simple, but not too plain.

Challenge accepted!

The resulting design is a modern industrial farmhouse design that the clients loved!

Just like most clients nowadays, they also wanted minimalist interior.

We were able to design a minimalist but highly-functional interior for them.        

Other Features

The husband is a Norwegian lawyer so he’s been exposed to some of the most updated home technologies. He also wanted a house design that can accommodate off-grid solar energy. He also wanted a provision for a system that can harvest rainwater from the roof to water tanks.

They also put a premium on structural engineering. Understandably so, they wanted a structural engineering design that can withstand earthquakes.

We’d like to think that this is why they hired an architect because #SaArkitektoSigurado.

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