November 9, 2020

Should You Still have a Physical Office Amidst this Pandemic?

When the pandemic struck, one of the first things done by companies is to make the shift to a work from home setup. This is because the pandemic affected physical offices especially during the start when even public transportation was halted so employees couldn’t go to the office. In addition, most offices were not built with social distancing in mind.

Thanks to the quick actions of managers and company owners and the diligence of employees, a lot of these offices remain productive even with this work from home setup.

This begs the question – do you still need a physical office or should you make the permanent switch to a work from home setup?

The Work from Home Setup is Here to Stay for a Lot of Companies

A lot of companies will still embrace this setup. Although, not entirely. Work will be strategically planned, with some employees working at the office and some of them working at home on rotation. On the other hand, some companies like Hello Lipa are implementing a strategy wherein they work at the office from Tuesday to Thursday and they work from home on Mondays and Fridays.

Hello Lipa Office

Even us at G Cube Design + Build have made the adjustment, with a lot of our meetings done online.

G Cube Office
G Cube Office

This is Not for Everyone

However, for most companies, the presence of a physical office is still a must. A lot of industries can’t afford to go 100% on a work from home setup due to several reasons. Generally speaking, their operations still rely on the infrastructure that only a physical office can provide.

In addition, there are downsides that are now being reported:

  • Productivity is taking a hit.

Unfortunately, some employees are treating this setup as a mini-vacation. With no one there physically to make sure that work is being done, a huge part of the day is spent by some employees on Facebook, YouTube, or in bed. Worse, some of them are outside doing personal things while they’re supposedly on work.

In addition, most homes are not set up for work. Dogs are barking. Kids are running around. Temptations are everywhere.

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  • Work-life balance is becoming more difficult.

It’s becoming harder for some people to find a balance when work and life are overstepping their boundaries since both are done in one location – at home.

  • Cabin fever is experienced.

You spend 8 AM to 5 PM at home for work. You spend the other hours…at home. Yes, cabin fever can be a real threat.

  • Morale is going down.

This could be due to several reasons. Mental health can be affected because of the lack of structure. Stress is building. There are no more boundaries.

Surprisingly, a lot of people miss the office environment. They miss their officemates. They even miss the whirr of the printer.

These downsides affect everyone – from the business owner to the employees. So yes, you still have to maintain a physical office. The key here is to have an office that can help stop the spread of the virus.

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